Week 13 IDP Rolling R.O.S. Waiver Wire Targets

Welcome to The IDP Tipster’s Week 13 IDP Rolling R.O.S. Waiver Wire Targets on Gridiron Ratings.

R.O.S. Strategy …

We’re going to switch things up and start looking ahead more than we had. The playoffs are right around the corner and the last two weeks of the NFL’s bye-weeks are looking tough. At least if we want to make moves ahead of time if in an effort of a push into the playoffs. And not to mention after the waiver wire closes and we’re stuck with the players we may have picked up over these last two bye-weeks. We’ll just mention a few things members need to keep in mind while getting ahead of the game.

We’ll add players and look for MSR (Matchup Strength Rating) updates on Mondays and thru week 14. Which will set up the wire for the rest of the NFL season and our playoff run.

Look at the rest of your player’s MSR options and plan from there.

Read any player follow-up information below the chart.

Take note of the R.O.S. Option Tier.

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Roling Waiver Wire

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Follow Ups…

Anthoney Barr has an injury history this season and is currently dealing with a hamstring. Nick Vigil hasn’t had any problem playing in his absence in the past if Barr is out.

Alex Singleton is a player that has resurfaced because of an injury to D. Taylor. Technically his solid MSRs are “just solid”. But the scenario set up for him is extra production by default. In the past, he nearly always overproduced versus any MSR. T.J. Edwards is in the same boat as far s the rest of the season. We just didn’t include him because he’s “known” and likely not a waiver-wire option in a lot of leagues. Or he’ll at least be considered a high waiver wire option among the masses anyhow.

Quincy Williams is back on the waiver wire pick-up list. After Jarrad Davis failed to produce and rumored that he isn’t 100%, Williams is back to overachieving. He’s another player that has the habit of beating his MSR in any given contest. His solid marks are “just solid” but odds are he’ll overproduce that mark.

Alex Anzalone has been pretty steady for deeper formats. There is enough future production by default the rest of the season lined up. He’s best sought after as an LB3/LB4 in deeper leagues.

Alec Ogletree is a holdover from week 12. His matchup isn’t solid but Roguon Smith exited week 12 with a hamstring. And if he is out, Ogletree becomes solid by default. Another “deeper’ option we can consider. But if Smith plays ditch Ogletree. And he won’t be on here next week unless his week 16 looks good next week.

Did you Know…

A “breakout” player is a fantasy football person who has been ineffective or marginal in the past. Then suddenly becomes a fantasy football stud one year. A “sleeper” is a term used mostly during drafts. The term refers to players that fantasy managers believe are set to have a breakout season. The word “sleeper” comes from the idea the player is being overlooked. And so is their potential of breaking out that season. – Google

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