NFC SS/FS WK9 Original IDP Easy Start/Sit Charts
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All original and proven IDP Fantasy Football Easy Start/Sit Charts are based on a five step formula method. This formula is used on an accumulate amount of information data, stats, trends and info. And of course the knowledge of reading these in the formula used. These formulas were under development for approximately seven seasons before being shared with the general public. And in that process the Charts can claim in the general area, on average,  of at least a 80% hit rate. Although in years past this has been tested and proven we have to keep in mind that in fantasy football it is always “any given Sunday”. 

The IDP Easy Fantasy Football Start/Sit Charts Relevance At Stake

Users of these charts should always keep certain things in mind when using these charts. 

  1. The fifth element of the five step formula used is the mind behind it’s innovation. So there is a human aspect to reading these results and the delivery.
  2. All input into these charts are raw at the beginning of the seasons until the core information catches up with that seasons data, stat, and trends. The first three weeks on average are basically a warm up period. As some end of the year information from the prior season is included. This is until on average around week four of each season we have established the current season’s own material. This in turn is the strength of the charts. And just in time for the important bye-weeks. 
  3. Never sit a stud! As a disclaimer and delivery we need to always keep in mind that sitting a known” stud” over a player that is not isn’t advisable. The charts are meant to split the IDP hairs among the level of players talent. And it is never advisable to “reach” for a player in play if those “IDP hairs” are minimal. 
  4. These Charts are based on match ups versus talent of said players when it is boiled down to it. And trusting the charts do take a commitment. That is not included in our delevery and soley on the users.

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NFC SS/FS IDP Fantasy Football Easy Start/Sit Charts

Week Nine

East Notes: 

Cowboys: Versus the Giants. As marked and indications are that Heath is under-owned and may be available as a bye week play. 

Giants: Versus the Cowboys. As marked and see the twitter post above.

We won’t be listing Haley here again! As he is a CB!

Eagles: Versus the Bears. As marked. And McLeod has his “upside” to strong as a green bye week play via the on-paper formula.

Redskins: Versus the Bills. Apke is “just” solid as a bye week play, but solid enough to get it done with Nicholson ruled out already.

West Notes: 

Cardinals: Played Thursday.

Rams: Bye Week.

Seahawks: Versus the Buccaneers. Noting that on paper via the formula, this is “just solid” for the last men standing.

49ers: Played Thursday.

North Notes: 

Bears: Versus the Eagles. As Marked. Noting that Jackson is “just” solid as a bye-week play.

Lions: Versus the Raiders. The Raiders remain in dead last in allowing points to the safeties. So with Walker out and a mix of the rookie Harris and Killebrew reportedly filling in this is an avoid.

Packers: Versus the Chargers. As Marked.

Vikings: Versus the Chiefs. As Marked. Noting that Harris as a bye week play is “just” solid on paper.

South Notes: 

Falcons: Bye Week

Panthers: Versus the Titans. As marked and noting that Reid on paper isn’t as solid as it looks. His “role” has him there.

Saints: Bye Week.

Buccaneers: Versus the Seahawks. The rookie Edwards has been benched in favor of Adams as of the last contest. And doing well. But this warning is really for the fact that on paper this is barely a solid match-up.

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