Fantasy Football IDP PAPS Grades: CB WKS 1-8
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Fantasy Football IDP

Fantasy Football IDP PAPS Grades

The IDP PAPS grades tactical tool is formulated and innovated strictly based on relevant fantasy football IDP player information. We no longer will worry about real-life NFL player grades translating over to fantasy football.

Over the years we have learned that defensive players can be graded incorrectly by “real-life” grading formats for fantasy football purposes. This will no longer be the case with the PAPS grade formula. As it is solely based on the actual data in production versus the opportunity for that production.

This IDP fantasy football grading formula has been in development over the last few years and used in many IDP related articles. But now after it has been put to the test and proven to be as viable as possible we are happy to officially launch it at this time.

This original formula for grading the defensive players is based on a simple but effective format. This includes the actual production data as well as the opportunity received to produce that data. With all this information being essential in determining the IDP player grades for fantasy football. Keep in mind that the PAPS is only geared towards the game and not the real NFL. However, it can reflect closely to other real-life grading systems.

In short, an NFL player can grade well in terms of real-life performance on the field. But in many cases, it does not translate into what we need to know for fantasy football. A player can “look” good or bad in real life, but it is the actual IDP production we need to pay attention to.

2019 Cornerback IDP PAPS Grades

Grade Ranges:

The following grade ranges are based off the overall performance of the 2019 qualifiers. To qualify for the CB grades a player must have played at least 30% of snaps allowed on defense. As well as have played in at least four games. And not be on injured reserve and out for the rest of the season. A special note, always consider the players snap count, games, versus the PAPS grade. While the grades will vary in ranges from position to position.

Grades will vary in ranges from position to position.

Cornerbacks Grade Scale

Strong: 89+

Serviceable: 86 – 88

Streamable: 0 – 85

ALWAYS! be sure to notice the PAPS versus the snap counts. Especially early on in the season.


Remember that the PAPS grade is a fantasy production based formula. Not a “real-life” performance in the NFL. They are completely two different entities. 



Player – Player

GP – Games Played

 DS% – Defensive Snap Count Percentage.

PAPS – Play-making Abilities Per Snap Grade
WOPS – Those expecting a “weighted opportunity per snap” will need to know that it is a final and end of the season static. Something introduced for the overall 2018 grades. So these in season grades will not apply it.

Members, as stated above the qualifying players in this CB chart must have played at least 60% of the snaps. If you have a player you would like to know his PAPS score that is not listed please reach out on the members chat page.

Weeks One Thru Eight

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