Top 5 Landing Spots for Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson has been rumored to be traded for almost a year now and now that we have a decision from the Texas Grand Jury, it appears that we will find out soon.  A few house keeping items to make sure everyone knows what is going on.  There is still over 20 civil lawsuits against Deshaun Watson and he could still see a suspension by the NFL.  The precedent for similar incidents in the past were 6 games for each Ezekiel Elliot and Ben Roethlisberger.  Also, Deshaun Watson has a no-trade clause which means Deshaun Watson has to green-light any trade.  The Coaching Carousel is starting to fill up as major dominoes have fallen in the last few weeks.  Aaron Rodgers returned to Green Bay, Russell Wilson was traded to Denver, Carson Wentz went to Washington, and now Tom Brady has returned .  This definitely changes the game and eliminates a few popular spots.  The Vikings were talked a lot about recently and now Kirk Cousins has signed a 1 year extension.  Before I get in to my top 5, let’s see who Vegas thinks has the best chances to land Deshaun Watson.

Odds via BetMGM – (After Brady News)

Panthers + 200

Saints + 200

Seahawks + 350

Steelers + 750

Browns +1000

Eagles + 2000

Dolphins + 3000

Giants +3000 Rest of odds listed on the app

5.Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks may be the most likely and if Daniel Jeremiah says they are, then they most likely are.  But, is this the best spot…I say no.  This is a tough division and the head coach is 70 years old.  On top of all that, this is a pretty bad roster.  They have a lot of draft capital, but they would likely spend all it and some to get Watson.  Other than D.K. Metcalf and Tyler Lockett, this is one of the worst rosters in the league.

4. New Orleans Saints

The Saints can afford Deshaun Watson according to reports.  I am sure this would take some cap magic that they are good at.  They would likely have to part with some key players and a plethora of picks.  With Sean Payton leaving and a new coaching staff, there is a lot of question marks.  But, this is a division that he could be the face of here in a short time.  This year he would have to deal with Brady, but he should outlast Tom.  Facing Carolina and Atlanta twice a year is not a bad deal, playing in a dome as well as with great weather helps as well.  I do think the New Orleans ownership, GM, and fans would be pluses to Watson.  Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara would be big pluses as well.

3. Philadelphia Eagles

This is not an anti-Jalen Hurts message, this is a good situation in a very winnable division.  They overachieved last year and made the playoffs.  There head coach was going around the combine making players shoot on a mini hoop, he has been seen wearing shirts with players on them, it is a great culture right now.  They have a great young offensive line with some nice pieces in Devonta Smith and Dallas Goedert.  The Eagles have more than enough draft capital to make it happen and the Texans would prefer to trade him to the NFC.  This helps Watson as he could see himself competing early by joining a playoff team.

2.  Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers have stability and seniority at this coaching position. The offensive line of course is an issue, but Watson has played through bad offensive lines before.  This is a team with some serious weaponry and this is a legendary franchise.  Playing outdoors in a tough division would be the only negative here.  Watson would love to go play for Tomlin and there seemed to be mutual interest between he and new senior defensive assistant Brian Flores.

1.  Carolina Panthers

Deshaun Watson is already a college football legend after winning a National Championship with the Clemson Tigers.  Not only did Deshaun Watson grow up in nearby Georgia, but going to school in the Carolina.  Going back to Carolina would be a great way for him to re-establish his community ties, rebuild his name, and ultimately get back to football.  This is young team with a fun new owner that will be willing to do whatever he can to make Watson happy.  The NFC and the NFC South specifically does not have a young QB, Watson could turn the Panthers around quickly.  This could be his division for a long time after Tom Brady leaves.

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