Welcome to the fantasy football’s Top 26 dynasty IDP targets under 26 in 2020. This series of articles is intended to help those fantasy football owners looking to revamp or start a dynasty roster. So why 26 under 26? Because our focus is on a group of fantasy football defensive players that are no older than 25. And have shown to be long term potential IDP assets at the highest level. The kind players we want to have on our rosters as they hit their prime years. And hopefully helping us earn a few titles as the seasons roll by.

Dynasty IDP Targets Ranking Ground Rules

Ranking fantasy football players can vary in opinions. So we will lay out the ground rules on how those IDP hairs were split between these players. Starting with the following things taken under consideration. And making this statement now.

No matter how, when. or why it’s an opinion.  And the same can be said on who the players are that are chosen to be in the rankings.

So with that being said, my credentials in IDP knowledge runs around fifteen years now. And much of that time is not just spent on fantasy football data. It also includes researching and keeping up on the latest reports and news. And although “numbers” have to be used to rank. I find that those IDP hairs are so thin to split that normally I’d soon have any player within a difference of ten from any given rank.

The point here is we’ll list the considerations taken into these rankings. And my personal opinions are just that. Because all of the 26 and likely a few that didn’t make my list, boils down to my personal preferences.

Now on to our Top 26 Dynasty IDP Targets under 26 years old for 2020.


Player statistics

Team situation

Surrounding Talent

Player potential

Consistency Margin Of Error


2020’s Fantasy Football Top Dynasty IDP Targets: #18

Dynasty IDP Targets

Los Angeles Charger Safety Derwin James

Position: SS  –  Height/Weight: 6-2, 215lb  –  Age As Of Jan. 1 2020: 23

Salary / Contract

2019 Gridiron Ratings



Rank NA*


Rank NA*


Rank NA*





Note* We did not show all rankings among designated positions (NA) because James had a foot injury that sent him to the injured reserve. This is reflected in the Availability rating, as he only played the last five contests of the season. But we did go ahead with the solo ratings. Because it was 11th among the safeties, and even if it was only in the five contests it is still a very important and high rating.


40 Yard Dash 4,47 SECONDS

Bench Press

21 REP

Vertical Jump

40 INCHESBroad Jump 132.0 INCHES3 Cone Drill DNP INCHES

20 Yd Shuttle


College Credentials

As an All-Florida selection out of high school, Derwin Jame was one of the top defensive back recruits in the country. And he decided to keep his talent in-state by joining Florida State University. It was his size and metrics that highlighted his talents, as many colleges and universities scrambled to recruit him.

The Seminoles won that lottery as James went on to make his mark as a true freshman. He was rewarded Freshman All-American and a third-team ALL-ACC honor in 2015. Recording a staggering 91 combined tackles, ten for a loss, and added five sacks. While also including four passes defended, two fumble recoveries, and two forced fumbles. All of these together confirming he was who recruits thought he would be.

But unfortunately for the Seminoles, with high expectations on the season, James suffered a lateral meniscus tear in the contest of the season. It was an injury that sidelined him for the remainder of the year.

James did return to form his junior season in 2017. In those twelve contests he racked up a combined 84 tackles, six for a loss, two interceptions, and eleven passes defended. Which then earned him an Associated Press second-team All-American selection and first-team All-ACC honors.

NFL Recap

The Chargers selected James as the 17th pick overall in the first round of the 2018 NFL draft. And they instantly inserted him into the starting defense. It paid off as he was able to display his talents he showed in college and became a key playmaker on the squad.

Not only did James lead the Chargers his rookie season with a combined 105 tackles, but was among the top-performing rookies of the 2018 class in the league. More importantly, he displayed the playmaking ability the Chargers were hoping for when they picked him. Recording four sacks, three interceptions, and 13 passes defended. He had also been used as a pass rusher, recording four tackles for a loss in certain defensive packages.

Just like his college career, his second season in the league came with great expectations. But again, another injury (foot) occurred, but this time in the offseason. So the Chargers were forced to send him to the injured reserves before the season got started.

James did return for the last five contests of the 2019 season, and he did so at a full-time capacity. In those contests, he continued his role as a tackling machine, but we will note the lack of passes defended related stats in those contests. Because it likely does show he was still hampered by the foot injury those games. Or maybe he was just reluctant to go all out trying to cover the pass-catchers. Likely fearing he would have a setback with the injury and then possibly miss some time again this coming year. And we will also be noting the Chargers were nowhere near making the playoffs at the time, and there was no real reason for him to push it.

Fantasy Football Dynasty IDP Targets Summary

We should expect that Derwin James will return to full health entering the 2020 season. And that he will be a secure long term player for our dynasty IDP targets that we want on our rosters going forward. One that we will want to have in our lineups for most matchups each week. And at this time as we do not see any “red flags” on his foot injury after playing the last five contests of 2019. That is great news for fantasy football owners heading into the 2020 season. The only bad thing about that situation is he likely won’t be any cheaper this offseason in drafts or trades. And in current leagues will also cost you just as much as he would have this time last year.

It is this Writer’s Opinion

It is this writer’s opinion we should not shy away from acquiring James right now. There is that foot injury, but at the age of 23, and no major injury history to speak of, we should not assume anything for 2020. And as long as he doesn’t go snowboarding, or maybe water skiing, he will have plenty of time to heal completely in the offseason. We will also add that it is only that kind of scenario that kept him from being ranked higher among the defensive backs in these rankings, a setback that is.

I have tracked the Chargers and know their recent history with Gus Bradley as their defensive coordinator. And as long as he returns (under contract for 2020 right now), James’s role with the defense isn’t likely to change. And it’s obvious that with the season the Chargers had in 2019, things could change at any point. But even if it does, James has shown he was what fantasy football owners want, and there shouldn’t be any risk that he won’t return to a position to produce at a high level. So no matter the defensive coordinator or possible defensive scheme change, don’t let him slide down your draft board.

It’s also in my opinion that this time next year James will be higher on this list. Because all we need is to see is another year as we did in the 2018 season. Where he is healthy and again produces for IDP purposes at that level. We could also see a few things on the offensive side of the ball change with the Chargers as well. And those things like a new quarterback or a possible rebuilding stage can add opportunities for James and the defense. So as fantasy football IDP owners, we need to keep this in mind as we split those hairs in drafts and determine his trade value. Because it is a very good possibility we have not yet seen James peak for IDP purposes.

Top 26 Dynasty IDP Targets To “Click On” And…

For Your Convince And In Closing…

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  2. Derwin James
  3. Deforest Buckner
  4. Tremaine Edmunds
  5. Fred Warner
  6. Bradley Chubb
  7. Deion Jones
  8. Tracy Walker
  9. Shaq Thompson
  10. Kenny Clark

Thank you for joining me as we rank the top 26 under 26 fantasy football dynasty IDP targets for 2020.

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