Tipster’s WK2 IDP Waiver Targets Tracker

Welcome to the IDP Tipster’s weekly waiver wire target articles. Where he puts pen to paper and applies decades of fantasy football knowledge to work. We just never know what the guy is coming up with next giving us that fantasy football advantage. So sit right back and let’s see what he has in store for us this time.

Still keep in mind…

The Tipster normally dives deep in the waiver wire for bye-week purposes. So for the first few weeks, these defensive players may or may not be available in your league. It would all depend on the format and how deep the lineups are. With this said, here are some target options for this week’s waiver wire. And the waiver wire bye-week plays will be for members only from week five until the end of the season. As a reminder, our first group was seen as potential week one overachievers.

Recent Dropped IDP Options

The following are players dropped because they broke the IDP rule of thumb somehow. Whether that is snap count, fantasy football IDP production, or injury issues. Something made them bust and they have to start all over with a good week’s worth of results to possibly make this list again. We do not hold in-game injuries against a player unless it’s obvious. We will find the single-game and potential season-long waiver wire plays in this process.

Dropped this Week: CB/DB Cameron Sutton (Production)- DT/DL Derrick Brown (Production) – DE/DL Tanoh Kpassagnon (Out WK2) – David Long Jr. (Production)

Potential R.O.S. IDP Player Options

These are players that made it through the three-week gauntlet and could be relevant for the rest of the season.

Long Term Targets: (None) First group is still under review.

Current Doc

This is a rolling waiver wire doc table from article to article. We’ll review results on Mondays and add new NFL players on Tuesdays when at all possible. Either way, the completed doc will carry over into each week’s waiver wire article. So if we miss Monday, Tuesday will cover it all. And as this works and we go through our process. This is how Gridiron Ratings members can be a part of one of the ways the Tipster finds some of his IDP Dime Drop players. That is if any players surface during the season and make a sleeper impact.

Snap Counts (Great/Good/Poor) are based on the player’s position. For example, a 75% snap count is great for a DE/DL or Edge. For an ILB/LB, it’s only good. The Tipster knows his positional snap count ranges by heart. It’s a must when you’re splitting those IDP hairs.

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Did you Know…

A “breakout” player is a fantasy football person who has been ineffective or marginal in the past. Then suddenly becomes a fantasy football stud one year. A “sleeper” is a term used mostly during drafts. The term refers to players that fantasy managers believe are set to have a breakout season. The word “sleeper” comes from the idea the player is being overlooked. And so is their potential of breaking out that season. – Google

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