Welcome to the Original Start/Sit Charts And Oddsmakers working in Tandem Tutorial on Gridiron Ratings. This tutorial is meant to assist fantasy football IDP owners in using the IDP Tactical Tools together, in tandem, when needing that deeper IDP dive. These two tools can split the hairs individually as well to it’s finest point when referring to each other. And from our mid-week waiver wire claims to our game day lineups, these two tools working in tandem can help take the overthinking out of IDP. So, let’s cover how to use them in a few simple steps. And in the end, have more time to enjoy the games, knowing we have applied the best winning edge to our rosters.

Original Start/Sit Charts

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Original Start/Sit Charts

The first IDP Tactical Tool we publish each week is the Oddsmakers for all the designated defensive positions. These are routinely published from Tuesday mornings to Wednesday, during the day. They contain a ranking and power score for the odds of all the team’s designated squads. The three-step formula is applied to the individual team’s designated potions as a unit. And the results setting the odds that the following match up favors the players to perform well or not. In other words, the higher the rank, the better odds a player on that designated squad will have to perform at his level of play based on his normal output.

Applying The Oddsmakers To The Waiver Wire

Whether you are in a bye week, looking for an injury replacement, or simply streaming players based on best matchups, it’s pretty cut and dry applying the Oddsmakers.

  1. After evaluating what position you looking for, open your waiver wire to the appropriate page and players.
  2. Start sorting players by the availability and his weekly average or whatever scoring sorting your site provides.
  3. After locating your likely candidates, refer to the appropriate Oddsmaker.
  4. See where that player or players team is ranked for the week. Be sure to check the power score if needing to decide a waiver wire order, and if those are the same, revert to the rankings again.
  5. Then simply set your waiver wire player order based on their designated squad’s odds of having a good game based on their matchup ranking score via the proven Oddsmaker formula.



Want to split the IDP hairs even more between players and their average playing time resulting in their opportunity? We suggest locating a player snap count tracker like the FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS (Free) offer. Because sometimes we just need to make sure who is seeing the field the most.

The Original Start/Sit Charts And Oddsmaker "In Tandem Tutorial" Article

Original Start/Sit Charts

The second IDP Tactical Tools to start being published each week are the Original Start/Sit Chart cheat sheet rankings. These can start coming out as early as Tuesday and can take until Friday, on average, to publish all of them. Please note these charts are as in-depth as anything out here, and it takes hours to refine each one. They are all done by hand, so to speak, and applying the five-step formula does take time. So although Friday is our mark to have them all published, sometimes life interrupts fantasy football. And the last one has been known to be published as late Saturday sometime. But in the four-year history of the charts, they have never missed a game-time deadline.

The Original Start/Sit Charts were originally named the Easy IDP Start/Sit Charts and were so because they are easy for the user, not the author. We apply the formulas, check injuries at the time, and reinforce it all with all the media resources on hand at the time of publication. So please do your due diligence because things can change in a hot minute in the NFL. The charts simply list the player depths and mark the designated rank of the player in relevancy based on that player’s matchup strength for that week.  And of course, we add advice and notes as needed to help sort out anything that may be relevant at the time. As the season progresses, the situations do level out. So if there isn’t any updated advice or notes to give, we do not always add them later on in the season.

Applying The Original Start/Sit Charts To Starting Lineups

Tired of the endless amount of time to insert the right player in your lineup each week in all your leagues? Well here is some great news, the original start/sit “easy” charts have been fine-tuned for over a decade to get the job done for you in an easy format. The formula and charts they are applied to have only been available to the public for about four years now. But the time and dedication to get it right and as a proven winner for the author’s personal use has brought it all together and done all the work for you. Just follow the following easy steps and you’re on your way to inserting your players in your lineup based on their best possible matchups for the week.

  1. Locate the appropriate chart for your designated player and sort it to their team.
  2. Take note of the stars rewarded (strength) to the player(s) for that week’s matchup.
  3. Decide among your personal player options which offer the best matchup for your player to produce.
  4. Insert into the league’s lineup and be ready to watch the games. 

Noting something, tendencies are for most owners to own the same players. So in most cases, things get even easier to get it right when you apply the charts a few times. And please feel free to test the charts. But as the author, I can vouch that trusting the charts completely when they hit their stride always outweighs not trusting them and their high hit rate.

Have two or more players with the same designation? Then continue reading until the very end and see just how these two IDP tactical Tools work off each other and in tandem together.

The Original Start/Sit Charts And Oddsmaker "In Tandem Tutorial" Article

Original Start/Sit Charts

 In Tandem 

It gets no simpler than this and just like when we are doing the waiver wire steps. We may have players coming out the same in our formula results in the Original Start/Sit Charts too. For example, say we have four linebackers, and they are all mark with the same four stars. But we only need three in our lineup. It was a problem as the author of the Charts that was realized fairly quickly. And it is exactly why after the charts were innovated, the oddsmakers came into play. Here is the funny part, the Charts use a five-step formula, and the Oddsmaker uses only three. But those three are the base of the five the Charts apply. And as I said, simple and to the point if I may say so myself.

So we have those four players designated the same to deal with somehow. What do we do to get the two tools to work together? Well, in just one step this time we can answer this. And continue to split those IDP hairs to its finest answer.

  1. Simply apply the same steps mentioned in the Oddsmaker section about deciding between players. And always revert to the Oddsmaker rankings to make your choice for you with confidence.

Problem Solved?

Let’s face it, we all know that no matter what we do or what we decide, the fantasy football gods hold our team’s fate in hand. And the headache of getting it right just to have fate intervene can be frustrating. And even more so after we spend so much time trying to make the right choices. So I’m happy to share the Charts and the Oddsmakers with our members on Gridiron Ratings. And can say that over more than a decade’s worth of testing and fine-tuning has resulted in a high hit rate as well. Hence, reducing the time and frustration in getting our rosters and lineups right as possible every week.

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