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Notice: At this point and time the NFL bye weeks have ended. So we will forgo the waiver wire and bye week pickups article for the rest of the season. Our philosophy is simple. It is at the point of the year that owners have or have not made the playoffs and in either case, should not need to chase down players. At least to the point to warrant an article on the matter. And what this does do is open up time for IDP Dime Drops for dynasty leagues and such. So be sure to check those out when you get the chance. This will also allow time earlier in the week to work on the IDP start/sit charts, which we would hope are now completely adequate to finish the season on.

Please, we are 110% committed to helping win the rest of the way. If you happen to have any question we need to address, please locate me on Twitter at the link above this post. Or simply hit our handy site chat and direct the question via that chat to me personally. And the chat moderator will be sure to locate me as soon as possible and I’ll address anything IDP.

It’s been a wild COVID sort of season and we are thankful for all the members that have joined us for the season. And we look forward to seeing you next year after we assist any way we can now to bring the championships home. We have big plans and will have plenty of off-season content to set up for next year. So keep checking in after the season ends because we’re far from done helping you. Keep those eyes out for an email from us too. Because we’ll likely have something special to offer our returning members in terms of a 2021 membership fee.

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