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by | Feb 26, 2020

Welcome to The Fantasy Football IDP Bible, the updated version used to explain the best possible ways to manage lineups. The original version was written approximately five years ago to statistically show the trends of defensive player’s production over time. And as NFL teams apply new methods to hinder opposing offenses, this new universal approach can help IDP owners evolve. There is now a wide range of fantasy football IDP formats needing to be addressed. So let’s examine this simple process while applying this writer’s nearly two decades worth of IDP knowledge as we do.

fantasy football IDP Bible

The Fantasy Football IDP Bible Evolution

In the last five years, from the beginning of this project, IDP leagues have evolved as the popularity has grown. And the growth of these leagues has been trending upward for a very long time now. But it’s approximately the last decade the grassroots movement has expanded on the different styles of league formating. And as scoring formats and lineup requirements have grown, it’s afforded owners the luxury of setting the tone they prefer.

The evolution of The Fantasy Football IDP Bible has always hinged on the growth of the formatting and NFL trends. But there is one golden rule to applying the Bible’s information, which depends solely on the owner. And as any method used, owners first need to know the scoring and lineup setup of the league. The simplest way this can be done is by asking the league’s creator or commissioner. This can also be done by looking at a dynasty league’s prior end of the year results. As well as locating any future projections or rankings within the league site. And each can help determine formatting by looking at what designated defensive position dominates the top portion in each section.

However it’s done, owners can’t set up a lineup blindly if they intend to dominate and win with IDP.

fantasy football IDP Bible

IDP 101 Designated Translation

NFL Defensive Schemes For IDP Positional Terms

The IDP Bible
The IDP Bible

The charts are translating the NFL’s two defensive schemes (top) into the designated (bottom) IDP positional terms. Assisting owners to fine-tune the concept of the terminology of fantasy football used by sites when they offer IDP leagues. Noting, this isn’t an in-depth way of translating, but a general approach for those readers not yet familiar. And it could take some time to learn or process the information. Our best suggestion at this time is comparing depth charts of actual NFL teams to your fantasy football designated titles. 

4-3/3-4 Key
  • MLB: Middle Linebacker
  • WLB: Weakside Linebacker
  • SLB: Strongside Linebacker
  • OLB: Outside Linebacker
  • SS: Strong Safety
  • FS: Free Safety
  • CB: Corner Back
  • DT: Defensive Tackle
  • DE: Defensive End
4-3/3-4 Key
  • ILB: Inside Linebacker
  • OLB: Outside Linebacker
  • SLB: Strongside Linebacker
  • DB: Defensive Backs
  • DL: Defensive Lineman
General Note For Both
  • Not Listed, ER: Edge Rusher includes 4-3 DE/DL & 3-4 OLB
Example lists the Colts Darius Leonard as an Outside Linebacker, but technically in that defensive scheme, he is a Weakside Linebacker in the 4-3 defensive scheme. And that translates into an Inside Linebacker in most fantasy football site formats. On the other hand, the Steelers T.J. Watt is also listed as an Outside Linebacker, and the team uses the 3-4 defensive scheme. Which translates into a true Outside Linebacker or edge rusher for fantasy football purposes.

The player’s comparable difference in stats affects their IDP value from format to format. And this discrepancy comes into play with a couple of designated positions in IDP formats. But for this example, we’ll focus on these players via their designated positions performed at a high level in 2019. And to do this we’ll look at the player’s designated fantasy football position base stats for IDP purposes. Eliminating the extra playmaking stats like forced fumbles and interceptions, and separating the key stats generally associated with each position.

3-4 OLB / ER Watt: 55 combined tackles / 35 solo tackles / 20 assisted tackles / 14.5 sacks / 14 tackles for a loss / 36 quarterback hits (pressures)

4-3 OLB / WLB / ILB Leonard: 121 combined tackles / 71 solo tackles / 50 assisted / 5 sacks / 7 tackles for a loss / 6 quarterback hits (pressures)

In red, Leonard has a clear advantage as an OLB / WLB / ILB designated position with double the tackle stats for base tackle formats.

In green, Watt has a clear advantage as an OLB / ER designated position with triple the sack stats for sack based formats.

The IDP Learning Curve

These are the little discrepancies that an IDP owner must learn to recognize over time. When they do, they will be able to maximize their starting IDP lineups. And learning how to play IDP may seem tedious, but in reality, it isn’t any harder than any offensive format. It’s just a matter of taking the time to learn the advantages of the best-designated positions. Afterall when PPR formatted leagues were introduced, owners had to learn to adjust to get it right. And learned that using a wide receiver that scored a touchdown every game didn’t necessarily mean he was the best option. And certainly was proven, especially not over a player that is consistently targeted a ton in contests.

fantasy football IDP Bible

Scoring Format Clues

Here are the three main formats this writer knows of when setting up IDP leagues. Including an additional format that seems to be trending recently. These also include the designated players that will show up in the top portion of the categories we mentioned.

  • Basic Tackle format: A mixture of Inside Linebackers & Safeties (Includes Weak/Outside Linebacker in the 4-3 defensive scheme.)
  • Balanced Tackle/Sack format: A mixture of Inside Linebackers, Safeties, and Defensive Ends, Edge Rushers, & Outside Linebackers in the 3-4 defensive scheme.
  • Sack Heavy format: A mixture of Defensive Ends, Edge Rushers, & Outside Linebackers in the 3-4 defensive scheme. (May also include a few defensive tackles.)
  • The Trending Defensive Back Friendly Format: A heavier mixture of Cornerbacks or in a blend among all designated positions mentioned. (Likely indicating that the scoring for playmaking type stats like passes defended and interceptions have been greatly exaggerated.) 

The Fantasy Football IDP Bible

After updating The Fantasy Football IDP Bible a couple of times, the realization not everyone has the time to read a lengthy process. And when we add in the ever-growing format concerning scoring, the old statistical way found HERE isn’t going to cover it. And as we mentioned in the evolution, the old versions worked off the base tackles format. Then we made judgment calls from there concerning the other formats involved. So in this version, we’ll apply the method of locating your leagues IDP players value on an individual basis.

The following are the suggested Fantasy Football IDP Bible methods in a drafting order. And it also reflects position values for scenarios for revamping a current lineup or roster. Informing readers now, we are letting the recently trending Defensive Back Friendly Format develope more before addressing it. But locating the league’s IDP position values will work in that format as well if you need to split the IDP hairs.

A Must Know: ER/Edge Rusher in the Balanced and Sack Heavy ranks stand for a defensive end in the 4-3 and outside linebackers in the 3-4 schemes. The prominent positions for recording sacks and contrubuting stats.

And A Disclaimer: There are always exceptions to the rules in fantasy football, and some elite IDP players are must own no matter the designated position. This Bible is based on in-depth knowledge applied and does not account for those special circumstances.

Base Tackle
  1. MLB
  2. MILB / WLB
  3. SS / WILB
  4. SS
  5. FS
  6. DE / ER
  7. DT
  8. CB
Balanced Tackle/Sack
  1. ER / DE / MLB
  2. MLB / ER / DE
  3. MILB / WLB
  4. SS / WILB
  5. SS
  6. FS
  7. DT
  8. CB
Sack Heavy
  1. ER / DE
  2. MLB
  3. MILB / WLB
  4. WILB / SS
  5. SS
  6. FS
  7. DT
  8.  CB

fantasy football IDP Bible

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