The Best Linebackers IDP Dime Drop Playoff Run Edition

by | Nov 17, 2020

Welcome to The Best Linebackers IDP Dime Drop Playoff Run Edition. Where we’ll be prioritizing, via the player’s matchups, for the rest of the season and into the playoffs. The purpose of doing so is to give IDP owners an idea of who they can target if they don’t all own them. Because, whether it is via trade or the waiver wire, at some point, if we can, we all like to lock it down and pace our way with as little risk as possible. And sometimes it just takes that one perfect addition to our lineup to bring that league championship home.

the best linebackers idp

It’ll be short and sweet about our approach The Best Linebackers IDP Dime Drop Playoff Run process for prioritizing them. And some may seem obvious and some may be lackluster, but the one thing they’ll have in common is their favorable matchups. We’re applying the proven five-step start/sit chart formula way ahead here. And although data and trends do still change as the season goes on, it’s very seldom the swing can be that impactful at this point of the season. So with most fantasy football playoffs starting in week 12 through 14, now is the time to try and lock things down for the rest of the season.

Inside Linebackers

These are in no certain order, so be sure to catch the matchups and player “grade” as you go.

We will not address WK17 as 95% of fantasy leagues use week 16 for the Championship contest, and multiple “smart” reasons.

And remember that this all is based on the players living up to the matchups on paper via their own individual level of skillset.

  • The Bills ILBsTremain Edmunds, A.J. Klien, and Matt Milano may be the one squad in this group that IDP owners will have to maintain the situation on. Klien is playing in place of Milano, who should be coming off the I.R. after their week 11 bye. It’s also been a little risky with him health-wise and likely can be found on a few waiver wires right now. It’s a risk versus reward situation, to say the least. And the one firm piece, Edmunds was off to a slow start this season. But he has got what has been on paper when it’s there.
  • All three IDP players are Solid and from now through week 16, their matchups on paper are the following…
  • WK11, Bye Week.
  • WK12 vs. the Chargers, Really Solid.
  • WK13 vs. the 49ers, Strong.
  • WK14 vs. the Steelers, Just Solid.
  • WK15 vs. the Broncos, Strong.
  • WK16 vs. the Patriots, Really Solid.
  • The Cardinals Jordan Hicks and De’Vondre Campbell have been getting it done overall this season. Campbell started the season out as the hotter player and is now giving way to Hicks. And as far as total time on the field the Cardinal’s offense is hitting a strong stride. But they are still managing to leave the defense on the field for a considerable amount of time. If there is anything that has hampered their production lately it is that they aren’t arguable the best talents on their team.
  • Hicks and Campbell are both Really Solid IDP players on their own, and from now through week 16, their matchups on paper are the following…
  • WK11 vs. the Seahawks, Strong.
  • WK12 vs. the Patriots, Really Solid.
  • WK13 vs. the Rams, Solid.
  • WK14 vs. the Giants, Really Solid.
  • WK15 vs. the Eagles, Solid.
  • WK16 vs. the 49ers, Strong.
  • The Cowboys ILBs Jaylon Smith and Leighton Vander Esch are coming out of their bye week hot. Not only has the Cowboy’s offense been struggling, but the defense is seeing more time on the field. And that is just that many more opportunities these two players should have to make plays on the field.
  • Smith and Vander are both Strong IDP players on their own, and from now through week 16, their matchups on paper are the following…
  • WK11 vs. the Vikings, Strong.
  • WK12 vs. Washington, Strong.
  • WK13 vs. the Ravens, Strong.
  • WK14 vs. the Bengals, Strong.
  • WK15 vs. the 49er, Strong.
  • WK16 vs. the Eagles, Really Solid.
  • The Panthers ILB Shaq Thompson and ILB/Safety Jeremy Chinn have the luxury of being the best players on the team. And as a bonus have a front five (DLs/OLBs) that are just average right now in their overall play. And those things keep these guys in the mix most weeks despite the matchups on hand.
  • These two IDPs are Really Solid players on their own, and from now through week 16, their matchups on paper are the following…
  • WK11 vs. the Lions, Really Solid.
  • WK12 vs. Vikings, Strong.
  • WK13, Bye Week.
  • WK14 vs. the Broncos, Strong.
  • WK15 vs. the Packers, Just Solid.
  • WK16 vs. Washington, Strong.
  • Washington’s ILBs Jon Bostic and Cole Holcomb might be our easiest to obtain. As of right now, Bostic’s “future” value shouldn’t be that hard to trade for. And Holcomb is sitting on a lot of waiver wires right now according to our Tipster league’s “owned percentages”. Thye both may fluctuate together in snaps played, but for the last couple of weeks, they have maintained a full-time presence. The front five in front of them are really good, but the team’s offense normally ensures plenty of playing time to balance that fact out. And all though they may be the “lackluster’ we mentioned, being productive in IDP by default counts no matter how we approach it.
  • They are Just Solid IDP players on their own, and from now and through week 16, their matchups on paper are the following…
  • WK11 vs. the Bengals, Strong.
  • WK12 vs. the Cowboys, Strong.
  • WK13 vs. the Steelers, Just Solid.
  • WK14 vs. the 49ers, Strong.
  • WK15 vs. the Seahawks, Strong.
  • WK16 vs. the Ravens, Just Solid.

the best linebackers idp

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