Sean Payton Dumpster Fire

Take Care Sean!

by | Feb 6, 2022

Take Care Sean!

It’s something often talked about in the world of football. What do you do with a football team collapsing under the weight of its wage bill?

Well if you’re Sean Payton the answer is getting the hell out of dodge. In the face of a whopping $74 million salary cap excess in 2022. Payton decided the best thing to do was grab his Panama hat, throw his socks in the bin, slip into a well-worn pair of deck shoes and sail off into eternity. If I have my completely made up timeline right he should be knocking back a few Margaritas in oh let’s say Disney World right now.

While many of us have thought about giving the ultimate screwjob to our employer. Racking up huge debts on failing projects. Building a team of overpaid underachievers with a penchant for fighting each other, yes, I’m looking at you Gardner-Johnson! Walking off with enough money to retire on. Very few of us actually get the chance to do it. Not Sean Payton, he says no, not today corporate America. It’s time to stand up for the dreams of every working stiff in the USA. Time to stick one on the jaw of the elite, time to, time to wreck the Super Bowl hopes of a city for a generation. I hope you remember 2009, it might be a while folks.

Payton leaves the Saints creaking organization late to the coaching merry-go-round, with nothing more to entice the next head coach than some pizza, Taysom Hill’s weird and wonderful contract and the 18th pick of the 2022 draft. A great spot to draft if you’re in need of a cornerback!

This season the Saints will need to answer some tough questions, can they do anything about their salary cap? Will the league actually do anything if they don’t? Ok, the Saints don’t need to answer that one. Can they entice anyone to the Big Easy that isn’t named Nagy, Meyer, or god forbid Gase? How insincere will Michael Thomas be about their next Head Coach? If the worst comes to the worst next year can Taysom Hill play more than one position at once? Can the Saints prevent him from taking snaps at Quarterback? How desperate do things have to be before they ask Alvin Kamara to change his name and try to pass him off as part of an exchange program with the CFL?

Lots of questions to be asked in NOLA and lots of time to find out.  The biggest question of all will be, if Tom Brady retires does that make Matt Ryan the best QB in the NFC South?

 I’ll answer that question and more next time.  Until then I’m like the ice in Sean’s Margarita, chilling.

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