In a previous piece, we discussed the OL/DL matchups now let’s preview the marquee coverage matchup in the passing game. On the surface, most people seem to be assuming that Richard Sherman will match up with the cheetah Tyreek Hill.  If we dig a bit deeper though it seems that Sherman would have to travel quite a bit. Hill spends his time in all 3 primary receiver spots. 54% in the slot 23% on the right side and 21% on the left side which means that we’ll get to see Hill matched up primarily on K’waun Williams who has only allowed a passer rating of 69.3 which is good for 2nd in the NFL.  That’s not saying that Williams will shut down Hill though Williams allows very few completions when he does, they go for big yards. He’s allowed 226 yards after the catch, 3rd most in the NFL. K’waun Williams isn’t a burner like Hill and will have to jam him up at the line to throw off some of the intermediate and deeper routes. I still expect to see Hill make at least one long TD catch.  Stats courtesy of