Pat Mahomes

Entering his 2019, Patrick Mahomes was already considered one of the top QB’s in the league.  He solidified that opinion after a stellar finish the season and his last two playoff games.  On average, Mahomes completes about 65-66% of his passes.  In seven games that he has completed 65% or more of his passes, he averaged 359 yards and 2.57 TDs.  In 6 games under the 65% mark, he averages 240 yards and 1.16 TDs.  The Denver game was excluded from our sample where he had a limited showing going 10-11 with 76 yards and a TD to start the game. 

A History over 65%

Mahomes showed a similar pattern in 2018.  In 7 games over 65%, he averaged 387 yards and 4.14 TDs.  In 9 games under 65%, he went for 301 yards and 2.33 TDs.  What makes Mahomes a cheat code in fantasy and in real life is that he hits the 65% mark in almost 50% of his starts.  He’s giving you the top 3 statistics every other week. Mahomes is the real deal.  The key for the 49ers will be forcing Mahomes into low percentage passes and keeping him from dictating the pace of the game.