Super Bowl Quick Hits: Time of possession
February 2, 2020 No Comments 49ers, Article, Chiefs, Super Bowl LIV Jeff DiMatteo

Using Time Against The Chiefs

Through his first two seasons, Pat Mahomes has established that he is really good at football.  At this point, he’s arguably the league’s finest QB.  He’s primed to beat you from the pocket while scrambling and even when he’s not looking. He’s never really rattled by pressure and is still careful in his delivery of the football.  How do you beat this guy? You keep him off the field of course. The Chiefs quick-strike offense is exciting and can put up a ton of points very quickly as evidenced by these last few playoff games. 

Free Yards?

The 49ers are 4th in the NFL in Time of possession and they can not only gash you in the run game but they can dink and dunk you in the passing game. This kind of play lends itself to forcing the defense into making bad plays and committing penalties.  According to, the 49ers have 6th fewest flags thrown against them while the Chiefs have the 4th most.

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