Super Bowl Quick Hits: Jimmy G can help play Defense?
February 2, 2020 No Comments 49ers, Chiefs, Super Bowl LIV Jeff DiMatteo

We should expect the 49ers to use the run game and short to intermediate pass routes to control the clock.  Most of you reading this already know that. Here are some things you may not know. Jimmy Garoppolo has the 5th shortest time from snap to throw in the NFL.  This can be traced to open first reads. He throws it to his first read 64% of the time.  We’ve already discussed the 49er run game and how effective it can be.  It’s important to not underestimate the 49ers’ ability to chew clock and wear down the Chiefs defense with quick, high percentage passes.  That will not only keep Mahomes off the field but may result in a few more penalties than usual for the Chiefs defense. Stats courtesy of

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