Welcome to the Late Round Dynasty Rookie IDP Targets article presented by Gridiron Ratings. Where we’ll hit on a few late-round rookie NFL defensive players for possible breakouts in 2020 redrafts. And although they’re likely just great stashes for dynasty leagues, we need to make sure we know who these players are. We’re going with a simple media approach for help in our assessments and following it up with some thoughts on the player’s situation. And whatever we do, we need to keep an eye on these rookie IDP targets, because there’s a lot of future IDP potential here.


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Via ESPN Radio, April 30, 2020…

One Eagles Draft Pick Listed Among Steals of the Draft

Why K’Von Wallace?

Besides all the appealing media information, why should we have Wallace on our Rookie IDP Targets radar in the later rounds? First off, our research shows this rookie isn’t getting much love at all in IDP drafts. And in the multiple sites we looked at, he is barely owned by IDP owners. So this means that not only could he be a had in those later rounds, but he could be plucked off the waiver wire afterward. And potentially, he would be a great value on a few levels when trying to get ahead of the IDP curve.

The Position’s Appealing History

The second reason to target him is the historical IDP production of the Eagle’s strong safety position. This, of course, is assuming that veteran Rodney McLeod continues to play the free safety position for another year or two. And no longer with the Eagles is the veteran strong safety, Malcolm Jenkins, who signed with the Saints this offseason. And when we look at Jenkin’s stats for the last five seasons, it’s an appealing high DB2 or low SS1 status in terms of IDP production. In that time frame, he averaged 87 combined tackles a season, with three of them with more than 95 total tackles.

And we’re not overlooking what he did in recording the bonus IDP opportunity scoring either. Because he also averaged 24 game-changing type plays like interceptions and sacks on top of the base tackle points. Of course, this doesn’t mean Wallace will replicate those numbers or even can. But it does indicate that the opportunity has been there based on the position’s history within the scheme.

The Situational

The third and final thing to mention as to why we should have Wallace listed with our later rookie IDP targets is his situation. Because let’s face it, on paper the Eagles aren’t currently stacked with great safety depth. And outside of Rodney McLeod, none of them have proven to be starting-caliber players at the position. Under contract right now, and in the mix to start are converted corner, Jalen Mills. And keep in mind he was first rumored to be making the switch to safety before the Eagles drafted Wallace. Then there is former Bronco Will Parks, that admittingly brings something worth noting to the table as well. But it is far from a sure thing that it will translate into a good starter for the Eagles. Beyond these two players, we have a couple of inexperienced and former sixth rounders in Rudy Ford and Marcus Epps.

Let’s not forget to mention the questionable and average linebackers on this squad that Wallace would play near in the formation. Because at a glance, names like Nathan Gerry, Jatavis Brown, and Duke Riley don’t instill a lot of confidence. And other than the potential that second-year linebacker T.J. Edwards has, who we plugged HERE, that’s it. So this adds another level of theory that if or when Wallace becomes the starting strong safety, there should be plenty of opportunities. Because on paper in terms of IDP production, it looks like there will be a lot of meat left on the bone.

So the bottom line, with Wallace’s college career metrics supported by the media, on top of examining his situational, what isn’t there to like? And some readers know that as an IDP writer I’m not huge on IDP rookies personally. But after verifying what I’ve seen reported by the media by watching the game film on Wallace. And then I added what I already knew about the state of the Eagle’s defense heading into 2020. I’m convinced that Wallace can pull this off and the odds are high he can do it sooner rather than later. And he differently warrants being on our list of later round rookie IDP targets right now. Because it certainly looks like the Eagles filled a big need at the position with a great pick in the fourth round of this year’s NFL draft.

One last thought for all IDP owners, keep in mind that any rookie becoming relevant this year is a big gamble. The COVID has a strong grip on their off-season development and the odds of making an early impact. So any “take” on these rookie IDP targets are far from a sure thing.


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