This Ravens Chuck Clark IDP update is a follow-up, suggesting Clark was an in-season pickup option in 2019. And with recent activity by the Ravens concerning his future with the team, this is an attempt to get ahead of the game early. We’ll cover prior endorsements, update, and lastly, add future speculations. Clark is likely sitting on a lot of dynasty leagues waiver wire right now. And some dedicated IDP owners who are drafting early this offseason could benefit from this update.


Ravens Chuck Clark Timeline

Ravens Chuck Clark 2019 IDP Endorsements

If it sounds like this IDP writer is taking a personal approach in this article about strong safety Chuck Clark, it’s because it is to a small degree. I endorsed him as an in-season pick up for owners that would listen to add a viable player to their rosters. And insert him based on match-ups when needing bye week plays or he had a favorable outlook. And this was met with some skepticism but played out well overall as the season unfolded. After all, as any writer could proclaim, it’s tough in this industry to hit on players out of the blue, not alone hit on one potentially for the long haul.

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I had no fear to go out on a limb on this call from the start. Where this writer sat it was cut and dry “take” with all the potential it needed. And certainly had no regrets afterward.

Ravens Chuck Clark’s Current Situation

It was a hot situation coming into 2020 with Tony Jefferson still under contract. One I personally was waiting on to unfold, and I never dreamed that this would be so early in the offseason with the free agency period still some time away. The Ravens had nothing but praise for Clark as the captain of the defense after assuming his starting role. It did take an injury to Tony Jefferson, but he did indeed wear the green dot and called the plays on the field for the defense. And sending the Ravens inside linebackers to part-time roles. It was continuously said by those around the organization, and I quote…

Chuck is the smartest guy on the defense.”

Ravens Chuck Clark 2020 IDP Outlook

At the time ( Fall/2019) I was urging owners to pick up Clark mentioning numerous times that Tony Jefferson might be done as a Raven. Since joining them he was lackluster in IDP production overall, and I questioned his skill-set actually being inline with what the Ravens expected. There were multiple signs over the years that it wasn’t quite right and up to par. And knowing that Jefferson’s contract and Clark’s emergence could seal his fate.

If, or when they release Jefferson, IDP owners should feel secure picking up Clark can offer DB1 upside and at least offer DB2 value. He did have some contest he didn’t produce up to the standard in 2019. Buy via his favorable matchups on paper he did hold up and produce as expected as a strong safety. And the Ravens are likely to adjust those linebackers for 2020 because they weren’t good as a unit. When that happens or even if it doesn’t, Clark will be more comfortable in season two as a starter. And the odds are good he’ll take the next step to produce more consistently for his IDP owners.