Fantasy Football WK3 Interior Defensive Lineman IDP Oddsmaker Ranker
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Welcome to the Original Fantasy Football WK3 Interior Defensive Lineman IDP Oddsmaker Ranker Tactical Tool, presented by The Oddsmakers are a proven and innovative way of taking the hassle out of weekly waiver wire pickups and setting starting lineups. It’s also a great way to let G.R. tackle the defensive side of the ball while freeing time to concentrate on enjoying the game.

Individual Defensive Players

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Fantasy Football WK3 Interior D-Lineman Oddsmaker

Using the Defensive Lineman Oddsmaker Ranker Tactical Tool

What was originally intended as a secondary tool for our Easy IDP Start/Sits Charts the Oddsmakers IDP Tactical Tool has proven to be a simplistic option for IDP owners. And the concept is basic rankings format on the odds each week a team’s designated unit can succeed in IDP production. So whether you’re visiting the Oddsmakers to decide between two players from the Start/Sits charts or looking for a general ranking, we’ve got fantasy football owners covered at Gridiron Ratings.

This particular Defensive Lineman IDP Oddsmaker covers all the general designated DL’s in fantasy football. This includes both the 3-4 and 4-3 defensive schemes used in the NFL. Which includes the defensive tackles and defensive end in both schemes.

The ranking and power score reflects the team’s position as a designated unit and the odds for their IDP success. And it’s based on the weekly matchup by applying a three-step formula that includes the opposing team’s statistics and trending data history.

This Means…

Depending on what team your player’s on will reflect the strength of the odds he’ll produce IDP points. And is indicated by the rank and power score based on his matchup pending his talent level.

Fantasy Football WK3 Interior

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The IDP Tactical Tools are normally apart of the Gridiron Ratings members-only Fantasy Football content. And access to the IDP Tactical Tools will be limited to just our members starting week four. This is right before the NFL bye-weeks. And also when fantasy football owners know that getting those starting lineups just right, really matters the most. It’s also at the point the current season’s information applied to the tool’s formula starts peaking in overall accuracy. Just some things that all owners using these tools should keep in mind early on in the season.

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Interior Defensive Lineman: Nose/Defensive Tackles And 3-4 schemed Defensive Ends

Week 3

Oddsmaker: Interior Defensive Lineman


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We have multiple IDP Tactical Tools that are periodically released throughout the week. These include the more relevant and defining Easy IDP Start/Sit Charts. So don’t forget to check back in from time to time to make sure you’re getting all you can out of your Gridiron Ratings membership. And as always, feel free to reach out to our staff via the site chat or on our social networks for any questions or assistance you might require.

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of the Fantasy Football Industry, we will only list two of the three things used in the Oddsmaker’s formula. One is the opposing team’s points allowed. And the other, of course, is our own Gridiron Ratings player ratings. Also noting that the more advanced GR player ratings are now applied in place of the former PAPS grades innovated by the IDP Oddsmaker author.

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