Instant Free Agent IDP Signings: The First Major Wave
March 13, 2019 Comments Off on Instant Free Agent IDP Signings: The First Major Wave Live-Podcast Gary Van Dyke

The First Major Wave Of Free Agent IDP Players Signing And The First Reaction “Takes”

Free Agent IDP Day, Tuesday, March 12th of 2019, a day to remember for a lot of IDP Fantasy Football Owners. In the flood of signings there were major changes in the IDP fantasy football landscape. With some NFL signings that will have a major effect on a lot of current rosters and future drafts.

There were a lot of high profile type players changing teams in the first wave. And fantasy football owners are wanting to know exactly how that may set into motion changes they need to consider. Not only would it possibly change the IDP who found a new home, but the incumbent players he joins or left. Questions like what new role will these players have. Or will this player still hold the same value. And as simple as wondering should we be excited or worried.

Free Agent IDP Players Off The Market…

Those names included…

Longtime stud linebacker for the Ravens, C.J. Mosley

An intriguing, but often injured linebacker for the Buccaneers, Kwon Alexander

A linebacker for the Eagles who kept us wanting more, Jordan Hicks

One of the toughest safeties in the league, Landon Collins

As well as a top talent safety we love to refer to as “The Honey Badger”…

These are just a few we covered as that first major wave of free agents players signed those dotted lines. As you view this segment keep in mind that we are hard at work here to analyze the situations. And that we will bring you future coverage and reactions as off-season unfolds. Stay tuned folks, things are just now warming up and we got you covered.

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