Jordyn Brooks: Injury, Recovery, and Fantasy

Jordyn Brooks: Injury, Recovery, and Fantasy

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Jordyn Brooks was selected by the Seattle Seahawks in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft. In his rookie season with the Seahawks in 2020, Brooks played in all 16 regular-season games. Initially a reserve linebacker, he gradually earned more playing time as the season progressed, showcasing promising potential. He recorded 57 total tackles, 2 tackles for loss, and 2 passes defended, earning him a spot on the NFL’s All-Rookie Team. In 2021, his production soared as he tallied 184 total tackles (109 solo). The 2022 season promised more of the same, as Brooks registered 161 total tackles before his season abruptly ended in week 17 due to a non-contact anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury.

The Injury:

Considering that ACL injuries often require 9-12 months of recovery, the good news for Brooks is that his injury was a clean tear without additional damage or complications. While we often evaluate ACL injuries from the perspective of running backs or wide receivers, it’s important to assess how this injury could impact Brooks if he attempts to play in 2023.

An ACL tear typically necessitates surgery and an extensive rehabilitation process, leading to several consequences for a linebacker:

Physical Limitations: The injury sidelines the linebacker for several months, causing them to miss games and valuable practice time. It also limits their mobility, agility, and explosiveness—essential attributes for excelling in the linebacker position.

Decreased Speed and Quickness: Linebackers rely on speed and agility to react to plays, change direction, and pursue ball carriers effectively. An ACL tear hampers the ability to accelerate, decelerate, and change direction rapidly, resulting in reduced speed and quickness on the field, which affects overall effectiveness in coverage and run support.

Tackling Ability: Strong and secure tackling is fundamental for linebackers, but an ACL tear can impact a player’s ability to generate power and drive through their legs, potentially decreasing their tackling effectiveness.

Coverage Skills: Linebackers play a significant role in pass coverage, whether it’s covering running backs, tight ends, or dropping into zone coverage. An ACL tear affects a player’s ability to change direction and react quickly, making it more challenging to cover opponents effectively and potentially leaving them vulnerable in pass defense.

The Recovery: 

Whether Brooks will experience these issues remains to be seen. Given his youth, he has the best chance of a full recovery. 

Fantasy Impact: 

In redraft leagues, rostering him is challenging unless an IR slot is available, as he may not see the field until week 13-14. In dynasty formats, it’s important to hold on to Brooks unless someone is willing to pay a premium for him as a top 3 LB, even while he recovers from the injury. I hope this update provides clarity on his injury and assists you in making decisions regarding rostering him. 

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