IDP Oddsmaker Linebackers Tactical Tool 2020 Example

by | Jun 22, 2020

IDP Start/Sits Charts

Welcome back to another year of Fantasy Football’s IDP Oddsmaker Linebackers Tactical Tool for the 2020 NFL season. Where we apply a simple but effective three-step formula to team data for splitting those IDP hairs on their weekly matchups. And as if it was possible to raise the odds, we’ll now apply the Gridiron Ratings Player Ratings in place of an outdated grading system formerly used by the author. Giving the Oddsmaker formula an upgraded player rating as a unit versus the team’s matchup every week.

Individual Defensive Players

IDP Oddsmaker Linebackers

Reading the IDP Oddsmaker Linebackers Tactical Tool

What was originally intended as a secondary tool for our Easy IDP Start/Sits Charts the Oddsmakers IDP Tactical Tool has proven to be a simplistic option for IDP owners. And the concept is basic rankings format on the odds each week a team’s designated unit can succeed in IDP production. So whether you’re visiting the Oddsmakers to decide between two players from the Start/Sits charts or looking for a general ranking, we’ve got fantasy football owners covered at Gridiron Ratings.

The ranking and power score reflects the team’s designated position as a unit’s odds for IDP success.

IDP Oddsmaker Cornerbacks


This is just an example for a slightly revamped delivery of the Oddsmaker for 2020. The three-step formula has not been applied at this time. And Fantasy Football IDP owners should not rely on the team’s unit rankings at this time. This will eventually be member-only content, and likely will not be set up via the three-step formula until sometime in July or August 2020. 

Thank you,

Gary (The IDP Tipster)

Week 1

Oddsmaker: Linebackers

RK Team Odds Score
1 Green Bay Packers 99
2 Seattle Seahawks 99
3 New York Jets 95
4 Los Angeles Chargers 94
5 Las Vegas Raiders 90
6 Chicago Bears 88
7 Indianapolis Colts 87
8 Miami Dolphins 86
9 Cleveland Browns 83
10 Houston Texans 83
11 Philadelphia Eagles 82
12 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 80
13 Pittsburgh Steelers 77
14 Arizona Cardinals 74
15 Dallas Cowboys 73
16 Tennessee Titans 70
17 Carolina Panthers 70
18 Kansas City Chiefs 70
19 Atlanta Falcons 66
20 Buffalo Bills 65
21 New England Patriots 61
22 Detroit Lions 59
23 Jacksonville Jaguars 58
24 Minnesota Vikings 54
25 Los Angeles Rams 52
26 Baltimore Ravens 52
27 San Francisco 49ers 50
28 Washington Redskins 45
29 Denver Broncos 41
30 New Orleans Saints 40
31 New York Giants 40
32 Cincinnati Bengals 39

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of the industry we will only list two of the three things used in the Oddsmakers Tactucal tool. We have already mentioned the Gridiron Ratings, and will add that points allowed are also included.

Thank you for joining us for the 2020 Oddsmaker at Gridiron Ratings.  

Gary VanDyke

“The IDP Tipster”

The IDP Tipster

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