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by | Mar 12, 2020

Welcome to the IDP free agency gauge, where we’ll use an assortment of available information to gauge a player’s potential fantasy football outlook. And signed or unsigned, we’ll accumulate what we’ve learned in the process to gauge how to proceed from an IDP point of view with each player. So sit back and enjoy as the NFL ramps up their free agency period, and we break down those scenarios along the way.


The Free Agency Gauge

Anthony Harris

Designated IDP Positions: FS/S/DB

H/W: 6-1 – 205lb – Age: 28

2019 Team / Vikings  –  Scheme / 4-3

Experience: 5 years

Status: Unrestricted Free Agent

2019 Gridiron Ratings











idp free agency

Note: PFR’s advanced metrics are only available from 2018 onward.

Additional IDP Free Agency Information According To…

2019 PFF NFL Grade: 91.1 – Ranked: #8 Free Agent / #1 SS/FS Overall

2020 Spotrac Projected Calculated Market Value:

NA yrs, 5 years, $69,028,455

Avg. Yearly Salary: $13,805,691

Four “rumored” landing spots, if not resigned.

Raiders, 49ers, Giants, Browns


Gauging  IDP Free Agency Scenarios

The following information is provided by, or in part by, the following resources, including PFF,, PFR, and ESPN, to list a few. And the information provided by these resources varies from website pages, writers, or analysts. Additionally, player reports and news from the player’s 2019 team’s trusted local resources are considered in combination when gauging the final scenario.

Applying The Information

Harris is the perfect example of a couple of situations that aren’t exactly great for dynasty IDP purposes. The first is that this soon to be 29 years old was buried too long on the Vikings depth chart than we would have like to of seen. Let’s just say for whatever the reason they couldn’t move on from Andrew Sendejo, and that ripple effect cost Harris a lot of his prime years to develop faster than he has.

And speaking of development, raise your hand if you were just as shocked as this writer to see that Harris managed to develop into the top-graded 2019 safety. As well as the top defensive back free agent of 2020 free agency, according to PFF. I don’t know about you, but all it makes me wonder what could have been.

Another situation that is along the same line of being buried on the depth chart so long. With Harris being such a late bloomer for IDP purposes, there isn’t a lot of meat left on the bone as a dynasty player. Although we might have a couple more potential years, as fare as a dynasty, it certainly affects his overall IDP value. And stalls whatever momentum we might have had if he was turning 26 years old instead of knocking on 30’s door. Thanks, head coach Mike Zimmer, we owe you one.

And then there is the fact he has played the free safety position for the Vikings. Which the free safety position normally doesn’t produce as a high demand IDP play in base tackle formats. There are those few NFL teams that do, but it’s a small margin comparably. And as we lay out some info to gauge things, we’ll see how Harris’s grade doesn’t exactly translate well for fantasy football. But keep in mind, we don’t know exactly what team or position he’ll be playing in this upcoming season. But we’ll cover some of that in the final take.

Harris Gauged

  • After assuming a full-time role in 2018, between weeks eight to seventeen, Harris recorded 42 combined tackle with an average of 4.6 combined tackle a contest. With three of the eight contests with less than four combined tackles. And recorded seven total playmaking type plays like passes defended and interceptions. Which likely was on average in most scoring formats would have put him in the range of a mid to upper-tier two DB. 
  • In 2019, as a full-time starter in fifteen contests, Harris recorded 60 combined tackle with an average of 4.2 tackles in fourteen contests. With eight of the fourteen contests with four or less combined tackles. And on the year recorded 21 playmaking type plays, averaging 1.5 a contest. So on average, he made a play every 11.2 snap he was on the field out of his 909 in total. Which likely was on average in most scoring formats would have put him in the range of a mid to upper-tier two DB. 

It’s likely that his PFF grades did not match his IDP output. But this happens, PFF is real life were as our Gridiron Ratings reflect his fantasy football production. 

idp free agency

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due


Vikings Current Cap Space:

$736,556 / Ranked: 31st


This Author’s IDP Game Film Reviewed

In the process of reviewing game film, at least four games are reviewed based on the player’s most productive contests. And the opponent’s overall offensive efficiency rankings are added according to the Football Outsiders.

Packers in week two, opponent’s offensive efficiency rank: 8th

Eagles in week six, opponent’s offensive efficiency rank: 14th

Lions in week seven, opponent’s offensive efficiency rank: 18th

Seahawks in week thirteen, opponent’s offensive efficiency rank: 5th

Three Least Productive Contests

Listed in the least productive order are the player’s contests he recorded the least amount of stats for our gauging purposes. And their opponent’s offensive overall efficiency ranking is added according to the Football Outsiders. These contests are not among the game film reviewed unless noted as such.

All From 2019

Lions in week fourteen recorded one solo, with 92% of the available snap counts. The Lions offensive efficiency rank: 18th (Reviewed)

Raiders in week three recorded two solos with 86% of the available snap counts. The Raiders offensive efficiency rank: 9th

Redskins in week eight recorded two assisted tackles, one interception, and one pass defended with 100% of the available snap counts. The Redskins offensive efficiency rank: 30th

IDP Free Agency Scenario Gauged

As A Resigned Vikings In 2020 +


Taking everything into account, it is highly unlikely Harris will be Viking going forward. The Vikings currently are working with less than a million in cap space. But if he is, IDP owners should consider that with Harrison Smith signed through 20121, Harris’s age, and the fact he is dependent on playmaking type plays over base tackles, a ceiling of an upper DB2 is how he’ll finish out his IDP career. And is descending from this point on in real IDP value, so sell high if possible, or even at his current value.


The Vikings may be trying!

Signed Elsewhere In 2020 +


Again taking everything into account, this writer believes that if Harris would on average be slightly ascending. But this does need to be broken down into a couple of categories of potential things that could happen. Because it really will matter where he signs and what position he is signed to play.

Fantasy Football owners need to gauge what team and scheme history will be in place if signed as a free safety. 90% of NFL team’s free safety positions do not offer more than what he had going on with the Vikings. And the safe bet, look at him as we did if he remained a Viking, with a touch of short term upside at a DB2.

If we get word he has signed with a team intending to play him at strong safety, which he has the chops to do, we can look at a DB1 low range. Again on the safe side and looking at it long term, he’ll be 30 years old soon. This is defiantly our best-case scenario for the next two to three years. And depending on the team he signs with, he could offer a lot of IDP production in this short dynasty window. And likely would be our best case to sell him high if we own him in any leagues at this point.

idp free agency

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