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What is up with stock up Chuck Clark?

Charles Edward Clark Jr.

Position: SS/FS

6-0, 205lb (183cm, 92kg)

TeamBaltimore Ravens

Born: April 19, 1995 (Age: 24-180d) in Philadelphia, PA

CollegeVirginia Tech  (College Stats)

High SchoolKing’s Fork (VA)

DraftBaltimore Ravens in the 6th round (186th overall) of the 2017 NFL Draft.

IDP Dime Drop Status…

So it is Wednesday the 16th of October about 6 a.m. And as I always do I’m checking waiver wires in leagues to see what is trending. Imagine my surprise when I notice one  player that I figured would have been all over the map right now was not. As a matter of fact even if he was picked up slightly he is still owned less than 1% in eligible formats. So…

What’s Up With IDP Stock Up Chuck?

After the Ravens starting strong safety Tony Jefferson went down there was little fan fair in who might replace him on fantasy football twitter world. That was a little strange, but there were questions on the candidates that could be replacing him. Personally we’ve known about long time candidate Anthony Levine. Who has been a key part of sub-packages and such for the starting unit for some time now. And we had notice that third year safety Chuck Clark had also found himself on the field prior to Tony Jefferson going down.

Potential IDP Production Was Under The Radar

With a quick glance and as an after thought now, Clark “sorta” came out of the blue the first few games before Jefferson went down in playing time. Just getting time on the field was one thing. But he actually pushed the prior third safety Levine slightly in snap count percentage. A role that Levine had held to his own for at least the last two years. But that “slightly” wasn’t enough to think he had an advantage heading into week six when Jefferson’s replacement was likely going to be relieved.

The first five games went like this on average. 22% for Levine and almost 24% for Clark. Far from notable right? But let’s keep in mind in the past that total of around 40% of the snaps would have generally went to Levine.

Enter week six now. Levine went 42% as the third safety and Clark straight to 100%. And here is the real ringer to this playing out. Because the weeks prior to Jefferson going down and with the inside linebackers struggling, Jefferson had taken over the green dot and calling the plays on the field. Guess who wore the green dot in week six in his place? You guessed it, Chuck did. This is sorta huge fact considering the situation. Will it stick? Only time will tell. But for your reading pleasure I have located another article straight from the Ravens. Again we need a few weeks in a row here. But the quotes are positive in this article.

Chuck Clark’s Responsibility Keeps Growing With Green Dot, Baby Girl and More

And we quote: “That went really well, especially for his first time doing it,” Harbaugh said. “That was one of the best things we did.”

IDP Dime Drop Ceiling And Floor

Assuming that Chuck keeps the green dot and looking ahead. And also assuming that the inside linebacker roles remain a rotation. Clark has upper DB2 written all over him. With plenty of “upside” in certain contest going forward. Now I can imagine that any owner who knows their IDP maybe saying that Tony Jefferson and his role as the starting strong safety wasn’t exactly setting the IDP world on fire. And I agree, but lets consider the opponents and what they are allowing to the safety position in allowed points now.

Tony Jefferson Weeks 1-5

Let’s be fair here and keep in mind that Week one we can’t know the game flow pregame. And in week 5 he got hurt and tried to play thru it. He started getting subbed out and ended up with about 75% of the snap count. As anyone knows that has used our Tactical IDP Tool the Easy Start/Sit Charts from the beginning of this season, we stated…

“Allow the 2019 statistics gain momentum. It takes time for current data and trends to build up.”

So again, keep this in mind as we reflect on the opponents rankings of allowing points to the safeties at the time of the contest.

Points Allowed Now By Opponent

1st to 32nd

  1. WK 1: Dolphins Are Now Ranked Around Top 5
  2. WK 2: Cardinals Are Now Ranked Around 24th
  3. WK 3: Chiefs Are Now Ranked Around 18th
  4. WK 4: Browns Are Now Ranked 20th
  5. WK 5: Steelers Are Now Ranked Around 25th

So as we can see as the season has played out that Jefferson was on par via match-ups on paper. But this is a very short sample if we consider the first and fifth Weeks. As well as the adjustments the Ravens have had to make on the field with injuries and roles.

Now Let’s take a look at the rest of the season comparably. It’s at this time of the season that the “trends” or statistics will normally hold. So this is what we should be looking at in general with Clark’s opponents going forward. And to keep this in a easy format we will use our Easy Start/Sit Charts way of doing things to gauge the match-ups. We’ll use the strong, solid, and weak format as things look as of the moment. Additionally we will apply one of the steps  used in the 5-step formula of the Easy Start/Sit Charts to look for “upside” on paper.

Notice: As of Monday 11/11, the following info was updated from weak to solid in week 12 as the Rams schematics have changed. And “Upside” added to week 16 as the Browns allow top points to the ILBs. But as for now the Ravens ILBs are part-time roles. And Clark’s position as the “In The Box” SS calls adds the boost. And the following image for week 7, 9, and 10 was added. IDP PAPS grades

Week Seven Thru…

  1. Week 7 Versus The Seahawks:  Solid
  2. Week 8: Bye Week
  3. Week 9 Versus The Patriots: Strong With Upside
  4. Week 10 Versus The Bengals: solid With Upside
  5. Week 11 Versus The Texans: Solid
  6. Week 12 Versus The Rams: Solid
Fantasy Football  Playoffs start in most general formats.
  1. Week 13 Versus The 49ers: Strong
  2. Week 14 Versus The Bills: Strong With Upside
  3. Week 15 Versus The Jets: Strong
Most Standard League’s Championship Is Week 16.
Week 16 Versus The Browns: Solid With Upside

IDP Current Future Match-Ups Outlook

Minus Week 17 for obvious reasons. If your league’s championship is in week 17 and you pay to play, get out of it asap. They don’t play starters over all in the NFL in week 17 unless it’s a do or die to make the playoffs. That percentage happens on average about 20% of the time. And does not translate for fantasy football production. It basically becomes a lottery draw, this includes the offensive side of the ball. Avoid these leagues, period!

Current Match-Up On Paper Count For The Strong Safety (Chuck) Of The Ravens R.O.S.: Overall average is “Upper” Solid.

Strong: 4 – Solid 4 – “Upside” 4

IDP Dime Drop Conclusion

Wonder where Chuck was IDP wise in the week 6 contest? Wonder why he isn’t on the radar overall in fantasy football communities?

Week 6 versus The Bengals: Snap count 100% with green dot for the first time directing the defensive calls and adjustments on the field. He recorded 3 solo tackle in a contest that we can refer to the above schedule as “weak with upside”.

With that being said. As long as he can assume this roll and the match-ups on paper hold as they are he’ll be real popular real soon.

Go get your guy unless it means dropping a known stud DB. He’ll be real hot after the bye week or around week 14’s waiver wire. The odds are strong that if we can get him now off the waiver wire for nothing that he is at least a great bye week option with upside thru the playoffs. And we just might find him as an every week start overall. This is an “IDP Edge” move now, before the rush and without penalty if it goes wrong as long as it doesn’t cost us to add him now. Got depth at CB, maybe DT, a general position that can be streamed via our Oddsmakers?

I’m personally going now to get him where I can and as I can. My first personal “heads up” to those in our Tipster leagues. And F.Y.I, I’m making the move before we publish where I can. 🙂

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