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by | Aug 27, 2020

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idp dime drop

IDP Dime Drop

DB Julian Love

 H/W: 5-11 – 200lb

Age: 22

Team: Giants

2019 Rookie Drafted 108th (4th RD.)


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Why The Love?

Well, quick frankly Love showed out last season in limited action. In about 37% of the defensive snaps available he averaged making a nearly nine IDP plays a contest. He ended up recording 37 combined tackles and multiple playmaking type plays that helped pad his fantasy football scoring in the process. And he did this impressively as his PFF grades above were amongst the best among the Giants secondary.

We can also see he indeed picked up where he left off and has made a great impression in camp, even before this injury to McKinney. Oh and that average of nearly recording nine IDP plays a contest, that is well in the realm of a DB1 status. This young man was going to get playing time anyhow as the Giants can not afford to note have his skills on the field. But starting the season as a starter for sure now and having the off-season to fine-tune for a full-time role is only a bonus for IDP owners.

Simple, he was primed, and now he is primed for sure to take the next step in his second season.

The History Of The Position!

So, with the current talent left on the Giants roster, it’s only logical that they give him the free safety gig. And considering the situation even if McKinney was to return this season they’ll still want Love on the field. Again, they need playmakers on that squad and that’s’ all that Love has demonstrated to be. And looking at it as a free safety and not a slot corner or corner, the position offers a lot of production history for the Giants. Mind you, don’t freak out if he is moved to the slot after spending time at free safety, just let it ride.

Over the last three seasons the free safety position for the Giants have

IDP Dime Drop

So Why The IDP Dime Drop Love?

Keeping this short and sweet, in just 37% of the defensive snaps allowed he played in 2019, he averaged about nine playmaking type plays a contest. This included 37 combined tackles and multiple extra plays made. And as we can see he has picked up right where he left off with a very impressive camp. So much so that reportedly he Giants were going t give him a gig at some compacity even before the McKinney injury. And that included still considering him as a starter at the free safety position.

So we’ll go on and note here as well, if McKinney returns and they move Love, don’t freak out. Let it play out because they need all the playmakers they can get and Loves done nothing but demonstrated that he is. Oh, that nearly nine playmaking type plays a contest, welp that is well within DB1 range. And just think, Loves just not really primed to developed as a full-time player with a starting gig off the top.

The Nature Of The Position

Again short and sweet, we could throw all kinds of stuff at members to try and impress them. But that’s not in the spirit of the IDP Dime Drops. Because most returning members are here for these dime drops because they hit way more often than they don’t over the last few years I’ve been doing them. And they certainly do hit big with names like John Johnson, Grady Jarrett, Dion Jones, and Tracy Walker to its credit. Anyhow, here is the last three seasons’ history of the Giant’s free safety position. So, whether it would be the fact they haven’t had a pass rush since JPP or the division, the position holds IDP value.

2017 -Darian Thompson, 75 combined tackles with 96% of the defensive snaps allowed on the year. These are low-end DB1 numbers, to high DB2. But he only included eleven total playmaking type stats like INTs and passes defended. If he had done more, we just might not be having this conversation right now. The opportunity was there and he was IDP productive by default in 2017. 

2018 -Curtis Riley, again another fill-in level type talent, but he did again record exactly 75 combined tackles in the season with 95% of the snap count available. And wild enough, he also only recorded eleven playmaking type plays. Which is kind of wild when we think about what Love did with just 37% of the snaps, who hit that special eleven!

2019 -Antoine Bethea, granted this then 35-year-old was an exceptional player before joining the Giants. But again it just demonstrates what is possible at the free safety position. He went for 110 combined and “oh my goodness”, eleven playmaking plays with 100% playing time. 

I know what your thinking, it’s impossible, so I encourage you to check my work on all these players here:

Final IDP Dime Drp Thought

Either way, Bethea rewarded everyone with a top tier DB1 year in 2019. And there’s one important factor heading into 2020 for Love. Because even if they helped the inside linebacker position by signing Blake Martinez. That is all they really did on the defensive side of the ball. So unless that defensive line all of a sudden starts getting top numbers by pass-rushing, the scenario is the same.

What do I mean by that? I mean that with lack-luster pass-rush opposing quarterbacks can pick apart the secondary. Which works in favor of Love cleaning up the plays or possibly making a play if he is who he has demonstrated he is.

My guess if Love plays the free safety position all season, or even if he is moved around, we are looking at a DB1. And guessing, even more, I’ll go at least 90 combined tackles with double his previous eleven (22) playmaking type plays. And that ladies and gentlemen will be a very secure DB1 in fantasy football.

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