IDP Dime Drop: Two Possible High Return Investments, Pick One!

by | Oct 11, 2019

IDP Dime Drop

IDP Dime Drop (s) are intended first and foremost for The IDP members first. But will eventually be published or released to the general fantasy football community. Readers should note that our members have received this information to gain the IDP edge at least one waiver wire period before it is released. If you would like to be ahead of the IDP game before your league members please visit our home page and become a valued member . And see exactly what you are missing IDP Tactical Tools wise as well as these types of league winning tips.

IDP DIME DROP: Pick One Before It’s Too Late!

Deionte Thompson

Position: S

6-1, 195lb (185cm, 88kg)

TeamArizona Cardinals

Born: February 11, 1997 (Age: 22-242d)

CollegeAlabama  (College Stats)

DraftArizona Cardinals in the 5th round (139th overall) of the 2019 NFL Draft.

Jalen Thompson

Position: S

5-11, 190lb (180cm, 86kg)

TeamArizona Cardinals

Born: July 18, 1998 (Age: 21-085d)

CollegeWashington St.  (College Stats)

DraftArizona Cardinals in the 5th round (1st overall) of the 2019 NFL Supplemental Draft.

IDP Dime Drop Status…

Both Deionte and Jalen are competing to replace recently released D.J. Swearinger for the starting strong safety job in Arizona. And both received their opportunities this past week versus the Bengals to empress. Let’s review how that went.

D. Thompson

Week 5 – 65% snap count – Produced three combined tackles ( 2 solo – 1 asst.) and one QB hit.

J. Thompson (Started)

Week 5 – 66% snap count – Produced eight combined tackles (5 solo – 3 asst.)

So currently Jalen managed to pull out twice the production and the surprise start. And from looking into the situation before the contest it was Deionte who was hyped up as the guy who’d likely receive the start this contest.

We’ll note here that Jalen is listed as a cornerback in some sites and as a safety in others. While Deionte is a safety in the one’s we looked into. Not a deal breaker overall, but a bit of a advantage to Jalen owners who may have designated cornerback positions to fill each week.

IDP Dime Drop Ceiling And Floor

Why should we care?

To get straight to the point the winner here should have an upper weekly ceiling. This according to what D.J. Swearinger averaged weekly at six tackles. And as we can see from what these two young guys pulled off in one game together there is upside. And the piece of mine to add value or to have a IDP piece that can be contestant in the right situation for little to no investment is always a bonus.

And at least in three Fantasy Football sites we looked into they were basically sitting on the waiver wire in all of them.

It really boils down to what the Cardinals do and seen in either of these players that matter. They went as fare as releasing D.J. Swearinger whom they had chased down in the off-season to sign. Yes Swearinger did not perform in real life as they expected, but most teams do not release even the saddest of veterans without a potential way to replace them.

IDP Dime Drop Conclusion

In a dynasty league picking up one or both of these guys and stashing (If you have room) could pay off in the long run at a high level. And as for the rest of the 2019 season could also be beneficial as well. Again, little to no cost is key here. Every edge matters.

Jalen clearly has the advantage at this point. And even if there is no clear reports the strong safety position has been one we can’t discount Deionte. This next contest might clear it up versus the Falcons, or it may not. The Cardinals may decide to give Deionte the start with the same type of snap count split. So don’t expect an instant return. The real trick is if you can only pull one in who is it. And Jalen has that edge for a couple of reason’s from what has played out so far. But if he is gone then Deionte is still as valuable as a deep in-season flier.

If you have not had the pleasure of reading the sites corner stone article tagged right below, now might be a good time to check it out. And understand why in the end we want strong safeties as upper tier players. There are only 32 of them in the league. Just something to keep in mind. Good luck if you can make a move here. The buy low could pay off in the long run.

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