NFL Breakout Players on the defensive side of fantasy football

IDP Dime Drop: The Tipster’s Early Collective

by | Sep 23, 2021

IDP Dime Drop: The Tipster’s Early Collective

Welcome back to this Tipster IDP Dime Drop: The Tipster’s Early Collective edition. Where it’s all about finding those NFL breakout players on the defensive side of the ball. Just don’t do anything rash because the Tipster deals in deep depth. And only so many of these will end up being valuable in dynasty leagues in the long run. The majority are for redrafts or winning now.

After all, only the IDP decides if he is long time worthy when it all boils down to it. So we hope you enjoy this Dime Drop and may the fantasy football gods be in your defensive pocket.

New Sorta

Denver’s OLB/Edge rusher Malik Reed was a 2020 in-season IDP Dime Drop that panned out. And well enough to get him on our radar again right now and potentially for dynasty leagues. He played in place of Bradly Chubb and matched a lot of his MSR’s in 2020. At the right call on MSR, he really padded the box score at times.

So with Chubb on I.R. again and looking iffy anyhow this year. We need to eyeball Reed or maybe put him on the end of the bench in deeper formats. At least in or for leagues using the edge rusher potions. As a general LB play call it would have to be deep. He’ll rely on sacks and such stats that come with getting in the opponent’s backfield. So be sure you understand the value we’re looking at right now. And let the rest play out.

Here’s an interesting fact to boot. Denver’s turned out a couple of depth edge rushers that have gone on to sign with other teams and make an impact. Does the name Shaq Barrett ring a bell? Or how about promising Rams edge rusher Justin Hollins? If you don’t know Hollins, you might want to eyeball him too.

IDP Dime Drop Update #1

Lions LB Derrick Barnes is an NFL defensive player we recently dimed on. It looks like the Lions think he may be ready sooner than later at this point. They reportedly have put former stud veteran Jamie Collins on the trade block. And there is no reason to not think it’s because they want Barnes on the field.

What will Barnes off IDP-wise? Well if the reason and off-season camp reports are true. We could be looking at least at a solid LB2. Even if it was productive by default its IDP value is there. And heaven forbid if it’s true and he looks the part s reported. The position he’d likely play is the mack inside linebacker. The Lions may run that position differently within the scheme than most teams. But it’ll over great opportunities to produce. Something that Collins hasn’t done yet this year at that position.

This is a hard look at production right now. Even if Collins isn’t traded they could go as far as cutting that huge salary. At least a salary versus what he’s doing on the field right now. As for Barnes, he could start cutting into playing time as soon as this contest. Don’t drop any valuable IDP assets in a standard-sized league just yet. He is more of a deep league pick-up breakout option with upside in redrafts.

IDP Dime Drop Update #1

Miami’s safety Brandon Jones was a 2020 in-season dynasty IDP dime Drop for us. He was also one of my three 2020 breakouts early this off-season. A Dime Drop video on our Gridiron Ratings YouTube channel. It was there because we were trying something new. The dimes are free in the off-season by the way. We’ll list a few names below this part on Jones. We will also encourage you to please subscribe to our Youtube. And visit those early IDP podcasts you may have missed out on.

As for Jones. In 2020 his snaps per production were outstanding for a third safety on the field. Something that points to great production if given an opportunity. And right now after last week’s contest that’s likely about to happen. Starting strong safety (2020 Poor Grade) took a huge hit in playing time. Brandon Jones on the other hand got a great boost. We’ll mention he was a little slow getting started. he had an off-season ankle issue during camp.

Here’s the thing about this call on Jones coming up real soon for us. His boost in playing time only averaged out to last year’s snap count. Just like last year’s he produced well with around 65% of the snaps in week two. Our main indication he should be ready is what happened to Eric Rowe’s snaps. The drop was significant and as we mentioned he really isn’t cut out by grade to cover tight ends as a strong safety. This is Jones’s door to more playing time.

Don’t do anything too fast. Jones has to play out this weekend before he earns an instant pick-up in redrafts. At least standard-sized leagues. But if you have a deep bench or thinking dynasty, Jones is your man right now at defensive back.

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Did you Know…

A “breakout” player is a fantasy football person who has been ineffective or marginal in the past. Then suddenly becomes a fantasy football stud one year. A “sleeper” is a term used mostly during drafts. The term refers to players that fantasy managers believe are set to have a breakout season. The word “sleeper” comes from the idea the player is being overlooked. And so is their potential of breaking out that season. – Google

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