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IDP Players After Week Two: Stock Up/Down

The second week of the season brought us adjustments to some positions across the board. We’ll cover those adjustments to get these players on or off our radars. And as bad as it hurts with some of the past IDP Dime Dime players lighting it up, some are currently not. And must be mentioned as players to move on from at least for now.

Stock Up ($): Ryan Connelly

TeamNew York Giants

Position: ILB

6-2, 242lb (188cm, 109kg)

Born: October 3, 1995 (Age: 23-348d)

CollegeWisconsin  (College Stats)

DraftNew York Giants in the 5th round (143rd overall) of the 2019 NFL Draft.


Stock Report:

By the snap counts. With all the love that Tae Davis was receiving entering the season next to Ogletree, nothing came of it. Connelly replaced him in week two and as you can see the results were positive over Davis. My former “upside” dime drop Davis fumbled his opportunity.

Stock Down (-$) = Tae Davis

Stock Up ($): Cole Holcomb

TeamWashington Redskins

Position: LB

6-1, 240lb (185cm, 108kg)

Born: July 30, 1996 (Age: 23-048d)

CollegeNorth Carolina  (College Stats)

DraftWashington Redskins in the 5th round (173rd overall) of the 2019 NFL Draft.

Stock Report:

He was making some waves over the preseason and apparently is now has carried over into the regular season. He has pretty well made Shaun Dion Hamilton an after thought. Who originally was the apple of the coach’s eye. Holecomb is also well on his way to replacing Jon Bostic as the key cog at the inside linebacker position. He has overall in two games out produced Bostic, and doing it with less snaps.

Stock Down (-$): Jon Bostic

& Shaun Dion Hamilton

Stock Up ($): Damien Wilson

TeamKansas City Chiefs

Position: ILB

6-0, 245lb (183cm, 111kg)

Born: May 28, 1993 (Age: 26-111d) in Gloster, MS

CollegeMinnesota  (College Stats)

High SchoolAmite County (MS)

DraftDallas Cowboys in the 4th round (127th overall) of the 2015 NFL Draft.

Stock Report:

It was assumed coming into the season that newly signed Darren Lee and/or Reggie Ragland would be stock up. Tis is not the case at all. The Chiefs have decided to go with Wilson next to Hitchens. Ironically, they now are fielding two former Cowboys that Dallas allowed to walk and preferred to replace. And both were pretty well used in part-time roles as well as Cowboys. Wilson’s numbers have not been great on the stat shit. But we still have to have him on the radar because those numbers can start rolling in as long as he holds his snap counts.

Stock Down (-$): Darren Lee & Reggie Ragland

General Stock ILB Stock Reports Too Note

Atlanta’s Foye Oluokun is stock down. Well considering my prior IDP Dime Drop. He simple isn’t getting the snaps as expected.

Jacksonville’s Quincy Williams is stock up. He did indeed establish himself as an every down linebacker in week two. We’ll need to see those snap counts again in week three, but his owners can now stop holding their breath.

Buffalo’s Matt Milano is stock up. My personal break out ILB call before last season has become an every down player so far. And his stats are showing it. Last season before his injury he wasn’t quite an every down guy overall.

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