Top Second-Year NFL Safeties

Short and sweet, these are our top second-year NFL safeties heading into the spring. They’ve crossed all playing time hurdles and showed in most cases they are the next man up. So whether it’s a dynasty or redraft league. Target these rising safeties with the highest of confidence. And know, they’re currently set up to produce nicely going forward.

IDP Dime Shortlist

This is likely just our first run at this after we get into spring camp. But at this time these are our pre-primed targets. So after the NFL holds free agency and drafts these top options shouldn’t be affected. We’ll just have a second run on any players that were on the verge in the first run at it. Keep in mind if you don’t see a Safety on here that you’re expecting to see. They likely had some form of questions needing to be answered that we won’t know for sure until later on. We’ll also do any updating on these top options if something should arise. But for now, let’s get to where we need to be with a second-year NFL safeties class that’s primed right now.

#1. Javon Holland

Don’t let Miami’s head coaching switch fool you on his value right now. Holland is the real deal no matter what the base defensive scheme may be in 2022. He’s a highly graded second-year safety that flashed elite talent at times. And when he sees a full season’s worth of starter snaps in 2022, the path to more production is clear. He’ll be able to land firmly in the defensive back dynasty tier-one conversation. And in this summer he’ll be a bargain tier two redraft selection. With so much upside that reaching for him earlier isn’t a bad option. He’s already earned his starting gig last season with elite-type grades. So it’s time to consider him the top option right now out of this second-year NFL safeties class.

#2.  N/A (Not Available)

That’s right. Holland is our only per-primed lock before free agency and this year’s NFL draft. At least one we know will produce in the box score. There are some notable guys of course and we do have some borderline players that just came up short. But all in all, the hyped-up top safety picks from last year left us hanging at this point.

Way Short

The Raiders 2021 second-rounder Trevon Moehrig did earn a starting gig. He just didn’t have a role as the deep safety that produced well enough to assume it’ll get any better. The conscious across the board is there is no way but up as long as he plays the deep safety in that scheme. But without a clear call that he can leap in production stability, as a tier-two defensive back. His ceiling at best right now is as a potential DB3 in deeper formats. So that’s not a fit for the criteria we’ve set and making him an outlier among the second-year NFL safeties class.

Just Short

Basically, staff picks. Richie Grant and Camryn Bynum both deserve to be on this list. They are primed and ready to go but short pending favorable scenarios playing out in their favor. In Grant’s case, there are a couple of moving parts when it comes to retaining cheap options. In turn, making it hard to gauge his best ceiling at the moment. And as for Camyum, it’s not 100% clear if he’ll be a safety going forward. He’s overqualified as a cornerback, which was his designated draft status. He’s going to get his shot somewhere in that Vikings secondary. It’s just a matter of free agency securing his shot at safety.

Notably Short

Unfortunately, we need to take the Raider’s Divine Deablo out of contention. He may have been drafted under the safety tag. But he’s sticking to playing linebacker going forward. And unfortunate for now, at least from the class aspect. There are a lot more appealing linebackers surfacing than safeties right now. Diablo has his appeal as a tier-one guy, sure. We’re just assuming that fantasy football sites will change his designated position soon. Some sites he might have a dual designation, like Sleeper. That’s very appealing but doesn’t fit the criteria to be a safety lock listed with Javon Holland right now.


To sum it up. This second-year NFL safeties class isn’t making a great impression. Guys like Andre Cisco and deeper-selected safeties didn’t hit the mark at all last season. So if readers were expecting more this first run, they’re certainly disappointed. At this point, they all look like fliers and need to be updated this spring. Well after the free agency period and NFL draft. Even to the point of spring camps opening up. And hopefully, a couple of sleepers have separated themselves by then.

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