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There certainly are no “bells or whistles” in this one IDP Dime Drop fans! And likely written so fast that the language and proper writing is lacking. So enjoy, have a giggle or two, but don’t ignore the content and what it brings to the IDP table. It’s going to be well worth it if it all works out.

To The IDP Dime Drop On The Verge Point

All Patriot and fantasy football fans have been waiting for this one. And because the conditions were right, it looks like we have another hybrid type player on the verge of making an IDP impact. Is it a sure thing? Is it ever really a sure thing? All we can say is it sure looks like it could happen. And if it does, it has that IDP fantasy football appeal to be big!

The Patriots finally gave rookie safety Kyle Dugger a meaningful role this past contest versus the Ravens. And not only did they, but he excelled in the spotlight in the process. Because with a few key starters out, the Patriots mixed and matched the personal in week ten. And they finally decided to put Dugger in as a hybrid linebacker/safety position. And who can blame them? Because, at 6’2″ and 220 lbs, the 2020 second-rounder out of Lenoir-Rhyne fit the role perfectly.

As a matter of fact, as this writer caught the game, all I could see was the Panthers Jeremy Chinn running around in a Patriots uniform. And he was making plays like he had been out there all season doing it. So let’s cut to the chase and get to our point, and hope that the Patriots do the right thing. And they get him on the field for the rest of the season in a high capacity role. One that will mean we’ll have another viable IDP player, sooner rather than later.

Versus The Ravens 

With 85% of the available snaps, Dugger led the Patriots with 12 combined tackles out of 13 attempts, which was just a 7% missed tackle rate. Granted only seven were solo attempts out of the 12 combined, but still a very notable rate. He allowed 3 of 4 catches when targeted,  but only on average allowed 3.8 yards a catch. And on top of that only allowed 2 total yards after the catch. This effort was by far the best of any of the Patriots defenders versus the Ravens.

Let’s break this down a bit. In 56 total snaps player, with 12 combined tackles, he made a play on the ball about every 4.5 snaps. That’s outstanding, and all together explains why he led the Patriots with a run defense game grade of 73.6. And for good measure had the second-best coverage grade with a 67.8.

Now to throw in a little on his entire season. Before week 10 he had only played three contests with 42% to 54% of the snaps. And it was at the safety position, not the “hybrid” type position we saw him being used as versus the Ravens. But even then, adding to his most impressive detail as a rookie, out of 30 tackles attempts altogether, he has missed just one attempt. And that puts him at a miss rate of just 3.3% in 173 defensive and 89 special team snaps in total. Finding that type of tackle rate is really unheard of, to begin with, not alone as a rookie. 

The Verge Verdict

Ok, first off, was Dugger perfect versus the Ravens in his first extended action? No, he was not, but overall he jumped off the field as one of the best defensive players out there versus the Ravens. And he had plenty of good, to great plays to balance the books with his really outstanding performance. So, where does this leave us as IDP owners for the rest of the season?

As a writer, my one problem this entire offseason, after the Patriots drafted him, was one glaring fact. And I’m going to ask the question I asked whenever someone brought Dugger up this past offseason. When was the last time you saw Bill Belichick play any rookie on defense as a main and constant role player? This question could also be asked about his offense as well. And I can tell you, thinking back, I can’t think of any rookie that has earned his way on the field to become a full-time starter in year one as a Patriot. But, I’ve also not seen this level of play out of a rookie that has got any shot at all to perform in a game either.

With that said, I don’t think there is any reason that they’ll ignore what they have in Dugger. And considering they are already looking at next year, while they sit with a losing record now, what do they have to lose? They need to get Dugger on the field and give him some real-time playing experience for the future. They have plenty of veteran presence around him to help with the defensive adjustments. And trail by error would be the best way to get this kid ready for his pro career.

Will they do it? That’s the question we can’t answer. But we can tell you that in any league we have this year, we have put in the waiver wire request to find out. And as far as dynasty leagues, owners better find a way to get him stashed now, because this Patriot is out in the open, and he looks like the real deal. So every dynasty owner in the league should have a claim in, and those people at the top of the list are potentially about to hit the dynasty IDP lottery.

Thank you for joining us at Gridiron Ratings.  

Gary VanDyke

“The IDP Tipster”

The IDP Tipster

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