IDP Dime Drop: NFL SS/FS Boom Or Busts

IDP Dime Drop: NFL SS/FS Boom Or Busts

by | Jun 16, 2022

NFL SS/FS Boom Or Busts

We’re talking fantasy football’s IDP 2022 NFL SS/FS boom or busts in this Dime Dropped. Hitting on those safeties on that verge! The verge of elevating their IDP values. Or… simply fading away into fantasy football’s waiver wire player pools forever. We all assume risks, now let’s place those odds these guys make the cut this season as a viable SS/FS or defensive back (DB) play.

Dime Dropped

Short and sweet and to the point. For good or bad. Right or wrong. These players have shown they need our full attention. And we aren’t “profiling” these IDPs play so much on their talent. That’s likely either has been proven or not by this point. We’re just laying the odds. Based on their current 2022 scenarios, depth issues, or whatever else comes to mind. That’s right folks. This boom or busts indeed is a full-blown opinion piece. And as we said, it’s short and sweet.

Saints Marcus Maye

Maye’s BUST summary. Current legal issues, recent performance history, injuries, and too much-underrated depth in New Orleans. So just the headache alone isn’t worth it when our player pools are so flooded these days. But to the point, the odds are stacked against Maye. We mentioned depth because there are at least four proven vets, besides Maye. And we all know linebacker Pete Werner is no joke in the tackle box next to stud DeMario Davis. And he’s likely going to be the reason the Saints increase the scheme’s LB2’s playing time by a nice chunk. So we’re not only uncertain that Maye can stand out in this defense. We’re also expecting the IDP base tackle production portions to be smaller. And that’s even if he avoids a 2022 suspension. He’ll have big games but consistency will be an issue.

Jaguars Andre Cisco

Cisco’s BOOM summary. Simple. A second-year high-profiled player that saw limited time as a rookie. He flashed at times and held his on on film when given his opportunity. And with an updated news flash weeks ago that he’s penciled in as the starter, What’s not to love? He’s strong in the box. So we’re expecting a baby boom breakout with a ceiling that could reach tier one defensive back levels at times. Adding strong odds he’s landing as an upper DB2 option with upside in redraft leagues in 2023. Let’s get him on the field this year and see what he can do full time. Then we’ll decide how big the boom was.

Patriots Jabrill Peppers

I know what some returning members and readers are thinking. I just can’t stop picking on Jabrill Peppers. So with a flash in the pan “take” we’ll move on. Peppers has slowly been heading toward becoming a Bust. So hopefully you hadn’t had the miss fortune to buy any of the recent hype we’ve seen. And no he’s landed in New England and he’s buried on the depth chart with sure lock starters ahead of him. He’s real value for the team’s likely as a deeper rotational guy somewhere in the scheme. But likely not enough to bust the bust call if you’re expecting solid tier two consistency or better. Adding that’s at any designated IDP position.

Lions DeShon Elliott

Elliott’s BOOM Summary. A former Ravens that’s developed to a above-par level on tape. He also was brought in to secure a leaky tackling group and align the secondary. Experienced, on-par talent, and a defensive unit under development switching to the same base 3-4 scheme Elliott’s coming froms. With news that former starter Will Harris is now a cornerback. Nor should the rookie Kerby Joseph who’s profiling as the third safety this season. If he can reportedly get over his rookie struggles he had in OTAs. As for starters Elliott and Tracy Walker. That linebacker group again this year in front of them is shady right now. Question is, can Elliot hit my projected low Teir one defensive back boom ceiling or not. Because at current ADP cost and what it likely take to get him in trade or waiver wires is beans right now.

49ers Strong Safety

San Frans Safety Bust Summary. Pardon me if we aren’t excited about a couple of average options. And options with no indication of being able to outperform what the 49ers expect from their “strong safeties”. And now they have three proven inside linebackers in front of them. So want to project the odds that any current roster guys like George Odum, Talanoa Hufanga, and Tarvarius Moore can do better than former starter Jaquiski Tartt has done over the last 100 years? There’s no need to. Just have a look at Tartt’s IDP production and keep in mind on paper, And Tartt was “NFL Good”.

Eagles Marcus Epps

Epps’s Boom summary. New scheme, coaches favor him, and currently no competing. And we mean none whatsoever to block his opportunity. So don’t let 2021 fool you. This nicely rated developmental IDP is about to boom. It’s not the case we’ve had ever since Malcolm Jenkins left Phillie either. This new scheme is the key to Epps’s projected odds of booming. It’s only a matter if he can keep a consistent tier-one average that’ll add some big plays as a box defender. And according to what we saw from 2021. When he’s on the field as a starter. Epps produced at a position for the Eagles that hadn’t. And in a position in a former scheme that didn’t favor safety production recently. Adding a fat cherry on top that he looked like he belonged there doing it.

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