IDP Dime Drop: NFL Defensive Edge Boom Or Busts

IDP Dime Drop: NFL Defensive Edge Boom Or Busts

by | Jun 20, 2022

NFL Defensive Edge Boom Or Busts

We’re talking fantasy football’s IDP 2022 NFL Defensive Edge boom or bust plays in this Dime Dropped. Hitting on those defensive ends and outside linebackers that are on the verge! The verge of elevating their IDP values. Or… simply fading away into fantasy football’s waiver wire player pools forever. We all assume risks, now let’s place those odds these guys make the cut this season as a viable SS/FS or defensive back (DB) play.

Dime Dropped

Short and sweet and to the point. For good or bad. Right or wrong. These players have shown they need our full attention. And we aren’t “profiling” these IDPs play so much on their talent. That’s likely either has been proven or not by this point. We’re just laying the odds. Based on their current 2022 scenarios, depth issues, or whatever else comes to mind. That’s right folks. This boom or busts indeed is a full-blown opinion piece. And as we said, it’s short and sweet.

Special note, know your score settings before acting when it comes to your “NFL Defensive Edge Rushers”. Don’t cross up an outside linebacker edge play as a straight LB play in this case. Unless the scoring format indicates you would. And all “takes” are basically DL or dual designated eligible NFL players.

Ravens Jayson Oweh (OLB/DL)

Odafe (Jayson) Oweh might be flying under the radar in stand formats. So if you’re in a 12-team (or so) league that starts at least 2 DL/Edge plays. Grab some shares where you can as a tier-one option. He came in raw last year as a rookie and boosted a rookie twitch off the edge that’s rarely seen. And the Ravens are on average a top 5 blitzing team for the last five years. So there’s nothing but upside to a big BOOM here as long as he takes that next step with his technique. He’s a clear starter this year. And adding another 10% to his 65% of the snaps from last year is well within reasonable thinking. Each adds up to tier one potential and likely carries a DL2 cost that’ll hold its value in redrafts and dynasty leagues.

Jets Carl Lawson (DE/DL)

This guy totally gets why managers are hopeful that Carl Lawson is who they think he is. All those pressures he had indicated he will get after the quarterback. And in the past. I’ve tempered those expectations with my suggestions in writing and podcasts. But he’s making this list this time around for us because he has no momentum and is coming off a ruptured Achilles. Am I suggesting it can’t happen? No. But the Bust calls based on the reasoning that an Achilles injury is kinda a death blow if you depend on bending the edge. He’s not practicing, they actually have decent depth. And a rookie that’s hungry. Although he has stated before he’d be ready for camp, which is right around the corner. And to even return to the form he’ll need to be moved along slowly. Lawson is their second-highest-paid player. An investment for the Jets that’s around 10 months or so removed from a serious edge rusher injury. I have to go bust here in 2022, the injury itself tips the NFL defensive edge rusher’s odds he can hit what managers invested in him right now.

Rams Justin Hollins (OLB/DL)

Couple of reasons I like Justin Hollins as a solid tier two option. Noting now I may see about doing a separate solo writeup later on. He’s flashed in the past and actually was on our member’s IDP radars before, for a minute. And then a pectoral injury ended that as a pipe dream. Which then promptly started the process of acquiring Von Miller in trade soon after. We all know that the Rams have one heck of a #1 defense line and there’s some IDP portion control at stake. But as long as they believe in him and he’s the starter as many assume. And even indicated so by Head Coach Sean McVay. I’m buying in after seeing what we saw prior to the injury. As a solid DL2, tier two Edge. Hollins will have the opportunity to put his above-average skill set to work as every offensive lineman is busy with their own threats.

Sometimes being too good is a good thing for the weakest link. And being the weakest link on a defensive front like the Rams, in this case, means he’ll get run at and underdefended often enough to make an impact. And as a nice tier two Boom, at current cost. It’ll be a loud one when it hits. This is just another one of those cases that if that injury wouldn’t occur last season. We wouldn’t be able to hit here ahead of the game. Because we’d already had him on our rosters.

Denver’s Bradley Chubb

Bradley Chubbs has been a bust since being drafted a few years ago by Denver. But to his credit, it all seemed to be injury-related thus far. And that’s very unfortunate. But as a 2022 Bust call here again this season, It’s pretty cut and dry. We can’t assume he will return to pre-NFL form after such a rough go. And neither could Denver who brought in character risk Randy Gregory. Which now isn’t in the support system he had a s a troubled player convicted by Dallas. But likely should be crowned the main edge rusher for the squad if he can remain on track. There’s just nothing that has any upside currently. At least to think he’ll ever reach his project tier-one NFL defensive edge. Not after grading out so poorly in limited action last year again. If it was one season, we’d not list him. But we haven’t seen much of anything out of him for a very long time and those injuries in this case look like they stack the odds against him. And don’t forget the BOOM we have in Da’ Bears Edge Rusher Trevis Gipson.

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