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Free agent Linebacker Foyesade Oluokun is hitting the open market hot this off-season. So we’re going to do a little NFL profiling after he strung two strong seasons together in Atlanta. And assessing his potential fantasy football value during the NFL’s free agency period. Which will help set his bar during the 2022 offseason.

Linebacker Foyesdae Oluokun

Drafted by the Falcons in 2018, Oluokun was a steal at this point in the sixth round. This former Yale safety converted to linebacker his senior year and the move paid off big. Helping fantasy football managers bring home a lot of champions along the way. And now, and after just four years in the league. He’s an unrestricted free agent in a fairly lackluster veteran linebacker class. At least in terms of off the ball inside linebackers. It’s arguable not to say that he may be the hottest option at linebacker this offseason. We’ve written about his former teammate De’Vondre Campbell already. These two guys are A1 – A2 this year. And after that, it’s a pretty decent drop-off to the next guy. If we were to cliff note Linebacker Foyesade Oluokun’s fantasy football IDP career. One could say it’s been a Cinderella story for some managers. From the time he joined the NFL he was a deep sleeper ready to happen. Then after a brief breakout stage, he’s been a great consistent LB1 option. And this will come into play real soon when the NFL free agency period opens up.

By The Numbers

Our number one factor in Oluokun’s IDP success is the fact he’s playing in Atlanta. Let’s face it. Since being with the Falcons the teams have been way under par. That’s something that paid off big in tackle based scoring formats this past season. Pro Football Focus has him down for 192 combined tackles in 2021. Those are outstanding and elite type numbers. So we’ll warn you now. The odds are he’ll never hit that again. Don’t worry because even if it is all downhill from here. His floor projection is still better than many other good IDP’s ceilings. So we’ve established Oluokun is a consistent player. He’s performed every contest he’s played in over the last two seasons. He’s also an overachiever to a point. Again, he’s played over 2000 snaps in the last two years in Atlanta. The team also has has a sub-par defensive line for a while now. A secondary that needs a lot of work. So opportunities to make tackles have definitely helped drive his numbers up. As far as Oluokun’s career statistics on paper, he’s good, not great, but good. He’s decent at padding the box with interceptions and such but leaves us wanting a little more. At least knowing what he has got based on so much playing time. He has shown he is capable so he does have that upside.


We have a couple of reasons why resigning with the Falcons is likely not happening. One is a very capable Mykal Walker is waiting in the wings and heading into his third year. Another could be all the cash the falcons have wrapped up in middle linebacker Deion Jones. Another would be the lack of free agent off the ball linebackers this year. The Falcons have a lot to address this offseason. And getting in a bidding war over a linebacker may not be a priority. And we’re not saying it can’t happen. So if he does resign we have to assume it’s to do exactly what he did the last two seasons within the defensive scheme.

Signed Elsewhere

Of course, where he’ll land can mean everything. And there isn’t a shortage of teams in the NFL that could use Foyesade Oluokun’s services. He’s earned a payday at a perfect time too. As we’ve mentioned this linebacker free-agent class isn’t all that stacked. So one should think whoever signs him paid him to start for them. He’s gained a ton of experience and has even worn the green dot for the Falcons. And this Yale grad has the I.Q. and skillset that can keep producing for IDP owners just as well as any NFL team. Again, just don’t expect a repeat of 2022. Those combined tackle numbers are just not projectable.

Setting The Odds

Setting Oluokun’s IDP odds in 2022 might be a little tricky. That’s assuming the Falcons can’t lock him down again. So we’re going to do this looking at his floor. We suggest managers shouldn’t be shy in drafts or trading for him again this year. He still is set up to end up as a good tier one linebacker play no matter where he is. And that’s based on his NFL stature more than anything.

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