IDP Dime Drop: Jordan Evans

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Jordan Evans

Position: ILB

6-3, 242lb (190cm, 109kg)

TeamCincinnati Bengals

Born: January 27, 1995 (Age: 24-204d) in Norman, OK

CollegeOklahoma  (College Stats)

Weighted Career AV (100-95-…): 6 (9382nd overall since 1960)

High SchoolNorman (OK)

DraftCincinnati Bengals in the 6th round (193rd overall) of the 2017 NFL Draft.

IDP Dime Drop Status…

So exactly what happen to the Jordan Evans IDP love from the last two seasons? How is it I find myself here writing an IDP Dime Drop on a player who had so much hype, at one point? Well it was pretty simple to see after a few drafts this past month to see I needed to figure this out. And guess what, I still don’t get it!

The standard sized leagues I’ve done Jordan Evans has gone undrafted. Is it because of Nick Vigil? Or is it because of Preston Brown? Did Evans lack of effort last season hurt his case? Were IDP owners expecting this linebacker to be a defensive end? Who knows!

But I’m going to now make a few statements as to why that I’m shocked. And why we need this kid on our IDP radars and just itching to get him off the waiver wires. Well, at the right moment, and unless you have taken advantage of some of the older dime drops. Little secret, I’m so intrigued I’ve got waiver wire claims on him right now.

Warning: Evans is still (sorta) in a flier level!

Reasons to look Evans way:
  1. In two seasons as a starter Nick Vigil has only managed  to play or be healthy for eleven games each year. Vigil is only an above average linebacker in talent. And pass coverage and speed isn’t exactly his strong points. He is actually kind of reckless and unless the new coaches revamped this, things aren’t going to change.
  2. Preston Brown, he isn’t that good. He was productive by default in Buffalo due to the fact that most years he was the last man standing. His coverage is terrible, period. And even if he starts out the season as an every-down linebacker it won’t last unless injuries keep him on the field. There is a reason that Buffalo did not keep him after his rookie contract and sought out a replacement. News is he has lost some weight and ready to go, good luck with that.
  3. The depth chart is what we should call (being nice), shallow. Don’t take my word for it. Go and take a look for yourself HERE. And please don’t point out the rookie Germaine Pratt. He is still a work in progress that I’ll let his combine report explain that HEREThe odds he develops at a rapid pace for this NFL level isn’t looking so hot right now. And if he does, they’ll likely need him in place of either Preston Brown or Nick Vigil.
  4. The Bengals defensive scheme. Right now Evans is penciled in as the starting weakside linebacker in the 4-3 base scheme. Traditionally this is an upper position for an every-down linebacker in coverage. Granted as I have stated, there are very few top of the top tier WLBs. But in this situation and for the long haul this season it should work in Evans favor.
  5. Jordan Evans has something to prove and the opportunity to do so. With the overhaul of the Bengals linebackers (Including Burfict gone), all Evans has to do is want it. In 2016 he shined with above average coverage and heart in limited snaps. And yes in 2018 that was lacking. But we could guess it’s based on the circus that Marvin Lewis ran and how he just couldn’t motivate his players.
  6. His physical talent is there. He is big as you can see in the description above. And he actually was praised for his coverage skills in the past. And then there is this…

He is likely the fastest linebacker on the team. Don’t “quote me” on that, but for Evans size and weight, who freaking cares really what the rest can run. A 4.5 for a linebacker is fast, not alone fast for one his size.

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IDP Dime Drop Ceiling And Floor

As a normal weakside linebacker that would play an every-down role (sooner or later), we are talking a solid LB2. Given Evans opportunity if he has rededicated himself to the game with the opportunity, a low LB1 ceiling. Add in the aging defensive line for the Bengals and the “shallow” depth chart at linebacker, the sky is the limit. If Evans can show enough, out last the others, production by default with nothing but upside for the future is staring us in the IDP face. So if your depth is full of great fliers already just keep that waiver wire trigger finger cocked and ready to go.

IDP Dime Drop Conclusion

So here is the tricky part. What caught my eye was him going completely underrated in recent standard sized league redrafts. Have you missed on some other fliers? Have you got extra space on the old depth chart? I’d suggest a late round flier pick on him anyway at this point. His potential is there, and so is ours. If this doesn’t happen at the beginning of the season than you can double down the bet that by mid-season he is one hot waiver wire pickup.

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