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IDP Dime Drop: Deep ILB Target Reminder

by | Sep 27, 2021

IDP Dime Drop: Deep ILB Target Reminder

The first thing we have to mention is this Dime Drop is as deep as it gets. And although Carter is on fire and moving up the board, his redraft defensive value is still developing. If he has any this season. We will note that his rapid progress does catch our attention for this season. Just not enough to sell the farm over.

Giants ILB Carter Coughlin

Below is our original IDP dime drop on Coughlin from August 22nd. We’re leaving it below just in case a member would like to recap. I’m here today to get him on our radar for the next few weeks. It appears Blake Martinez has gone down for the season with an injury. And considering a couple of things he may come into play sooner than later for us. One thing is the players in front of him on the depth chart aren’t all that. Tae Crowder and Reggie Ragland aren’t exactly high-caliber players. And it was Martenez’s presents that likely held anything together in combination with them. Another thing is the Giants starting off 0-3 this season. Depending on how the coaching staff feels about a quick turnaround to their season. Coughlin could start seeing playing time accordingly.

Is this a lock to happen? No, it is not. Martenez owners in deep formats may be looking for a 2021 replacement. And while everyone focuses on Crowder and Ragland, don’t forget about Coughlin if you miss out. Or if you’re looking for a potential breakout down the road. Again, maybe sooner than later.

August 22nd IDP Dime Drop… 

Carter is a former 2022 seventh rounder who played as an OLB (Edge) his rookie season. He is one of a couple of players the Giants are giving the opportunity to play on the inside. All offseason Carter has impressed and reportedly played beyond expectations. In his preseason debut this past weekend he shined. He recorded five tackles and a strip-sack on the backup quarterback in 24 snaps. Recording a nice grade that was way better than Reggie Ragland’s. He played 34 snaps with way less production.

To get to our point. There is a possibility that he plays well enough to get some snaps next to Blake Martnez. Which is the guy we suggest is a mirror image of Carter. Although Carter does have some upside if he can cover better than Martnez. Our question would be for redrafts could he receive enough playing time. In the past, the position was filled with multiple players. Making it an inconsistent position in the Giants scheme. and was a consistent position to target. So most of his redraft value would be determined by Blake Martinez’s health or a change in that role.

Deep As It Gets

I’ll point out again this is a deep IDP Dime Drop. With that being said. I find it interesting that Blake Martinez and the Giants have an out in his contract next offseason. He is signed through 2023 if they would choose to keep him. There is a lot of money on the table to keep Martinez and if Carter was to really shine who is to say he isn’t the next man up.

How long could this take? Who knows. It’ll be worth watching to see if it plays out from afar at this point. We should all check him out in his second preseason contest this weekend. We’ll update after this next preseason game versus Cleveland. That’s if he makes an impact enough to see movement by the Giants.

Thanks for joining me for this IDP Dime Drop tip.

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