IDP Dime Drop: Deep Early ROS Gems

IDP Dime Drop: Deep Early ROS Gems

by | Oct 25, 2021

IDP Dime Drop: Deep ROS Gems

Welcome to our IDP Dime Drop, the potential Deep Rest Of Season Gems gems. It’s week seven and the IDP bye-week play landscape is currently a rough one. So many teams on bye, team scenarios, and injuries have us working hard to get the right guys at the right time. So let’s look ahead and see who we can pluck off the waiver wire now that’ll pay dividends later on. Or at least should carry us through a few weeks of the current fantasy football turmoil.

Just keep in mind that these are likely players that’ll hold more value in those deeper formats at first. So don’t do anything drastic.

ILB Jarrad Davis

The Jets had Davis slated to be the guy inside next to C.J. Mosley heading into the season. He was also a personal early offseason breakout call for us by me. Unfortunately, that plan was derailed. In the preseason, when Davis went down with an ankle injury. But things are looking pretty good that we can save face as he is eligible to come off the injured reserves soon. Will he play week seven? Doubtful at best. Will be viable the first week he is back? Likely not as he needs to get his game legs back. But here is what we do know. The Jets have had a heyday at the linebacker position this season, in terms of production. And although it took time for the Jets to settle on Quincey Williams next to Mosley. He’s replaceable in real life which his PFF grade of 44 (poor) indicates. And all Davis has to be is better than Williams in real life when he does return. Who’ll we remind fans was a late draft pick and has never made an impact before this year. Oh, and the Jaguars, who drafted him, had even cut Williams earlier this season.  Can Davis produce the same exact IDP production as Williams has enjoyed? Nope, likely not as they’ll might do some shifting in position. Mosley will likely go to Williams position and Davis will get Mosley’s spot with the green dot. The same plan they had before Davis went down. So Davis could absorb more of the type of production Mosley has seen rather than Williams. And if you manage to stash Davis or pick him up on time, here’s what we’re looking at in matchups for the next few weeks. Knowing also the Jets have already had their bye-week. Noting… Quincy Williams suffered a concussion via some reports.

Current Jets ILBs 5 Week Matchup Strenght
  • WK8 Bengals: Solid – Always try to stash someone coming off I.R. if you can. The first week gives them time to prime up.
  • At Colts WK9: Strong – Ideal target play.
  • WK10 Bills: Strong – Ideal target play.
  • WK11 Dolphins: Serviceable – But the odds are with upside to solid by this time.
  • At Texans WK12: Solid – But the odds are with upside to solid by this time.
DT David Onyemata

Coming off a six-game suspension. Onyemata was trending upward before testing positive for a performance-enhancing substance. After having a mini-breakout season in 2020 when he ended the season as the 13th best rated DL. He’ll likely slot right back in as soon as this week. And should claim the full-time role among the Saints DL’s in a matter of a couple of contests.

This may be a risky deep rest of season call at this point. But in those deep formats and the ideal he can be who the Saints think he is. Onyemata has had his bye-week and could be a very solid talent for those looking to reach for something now.

Current Saints DTs 5-Week Matchup Strenght
  • WK8 Buccaneers: Solid – Always try to stash someone coming off I.R. if you can. The first week gives them time to prime up.
  • WK9 Falcons: Strong – Ideal target play.
  • At Titans WK10: Strong -Ideal target play.
  • At Eagles WK11: Serviceable – May carry upside by then to solid play.
  • Bills WK12: Serviceable -May carry upside by then to solid play.

Thanks for joining me in another IDP Dime drop.

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