IDP Dime Drop: Belichick’s Mr. Perfect

by | Mar 23, 2020

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idp dime drop

IDP Dime Drop

SS/ILB Adrian Phillips

 H/W: 5-11 – 210lb

Age: 28

Team: Patriots

Defensive Scheme: Multi

2019 Gridiron Ratings











Note: It is very important to keep in mind that Phillips was underutilized in 2019 by the dysfunctional Chargers coaching staff. And the low Gridiron Ratings fantasy results are a reflection of that. They only account for seven games played, with five starts, and those affect the Ratings to a high degree.


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Stop right here! If you’re in a dynasty league or any league for that matter that Adrian Phillips is sitting on your waiver wire, go get him. Drop that extra cornerback, depth defensive tackle or so-so flier you’ve been sitting on forever. But get this guy on the tail end of your roster NOW! Of course, unless you’re already stacked with potential LB1/DB1s on your roster.

I’ve personally tracked Adrian Phillips as a former long-time Chargers fan and I know Phillips from the day he entered the league. I watched as the Chargers cut and resigned him multiple times. Until he finally stuck as a special teams ace and watched as he grew into the all-around player he is. Phillips earned his way into this opportunity with the Patriots, and we need to prepare for what is about to happen in 2020.

Adrian Phillips is a prototypical player that the Patriots head coach Bill Belichick loves. He has a strong work ethic, great at game film study, and versatile in what he can do for the defense on the field. He isn’t an elite athlete, but what he lacks in physical metrics, he makes up for in mental stability. And old Bill Belichick is going to use Phillips up on defense and special teams. And anywhere else he needs a strong overall and consistent player on the field.

The Patriot Defensive Purge

The IDP scenario is this, the Patriots are going to lean on Phillips and his skill set to fine-tune the defense going forward. To help explain, let’s list the former defensive players that have moved on this offseason. 


Van Noy had been a key defensive player for the team for a few years. Over the last two seasons, he averaged 86% of the snaps as a starter. And he was one of the most productive IDP players in that time period on the defense.

Roberts might have not been as key to the defense as some in 2019. But in 2017 and 2018 he was considered a starter before the Patriots brought back Jamie Collins. And he was ranked the 25th overall best linebacker in 2018 by PFF playing in a rotation with 50% of the snaps available.

Those of you reading that are unfamiliar with Collins, he returned to the Patriots in 2019. And over his career has been one of the most talented linebacker/pass rushers in the league. In 2019 he was a key player who played nearly 81% of the snaps which was second among all the Patriots linebackers. He was also the leading statistical player on the defense.


Drafted by old Bill, Safety and team captain Duron Harmon was traded to Detroit in a deal that landed the Patriots a 2020 fifth-round draft pick. And over the last few seasons was the starting free safety, playing nearly 70% of the snaps available in the safety rotation. 

Ebner was not a key player on defense, but he was with the Patriots for the last eight seasons and was considered a great depth/special teams player.

Why mention a defensive tackle? Because he is a veteran presence and we’ll hit on in the bottom line.

We are also going to mention something right here about long-time starting strong safety Patriot Chung for our bottom line. The Patriots have a potential 2020 out written into Chung’s contract, with just under a $4 million cap hit if released. But with potential total savings of $2 million.

Chung’s Contract can be seen HERE.


Author’s IDP Dime Drop Confidence
Very-Very Strong

The IDP Dime Drop Bottom Line

Belichick signed Phillips to fill all the veteran presence he let walk away without so much as an effort to keep. And he will fill the holes of all those players in one form or another, minus playing defensive tackle. And don’t be shocked if Chung is gone by the potential out deadline of June 1st. He has been injured a lot over the last two seasons as well as in trouble with personal issues. And if you ask me, he has less than a 50/50 chance he’ll be on the roster by that deadline considering what has happened so far this offseason. 

Where exactly will Phillips play on the defense? Will it be at safety or as a hybrid linebacker that Phillips has played over the last few seasons for the Chargers when they were in a pinch. Who knows, we are talking about Belicheck, but we should have our doubts it is at the free safety position. Phillips is a jack of all trades, but he doesn’t have the range to be a free safety. He is a guy who plays smart, reads and reacts very well, and won’t be caught out of position.

It isn’t far fetched that he’ll see snaps as a linebacker as well as an in-the-box safety, with or without Chung there. And IDP owners shouldn’t be shocked if Phillips is in the top two leading producers of statistics on the Patriots defense in 2020. And should really consider adding him as a LB2/DB2 IDP buy low value. One with an uncapped ceiling at this time that has odds of being a solid LB1/DB1 when the smoke clears. Something is about to happen with Belichick’s defense in 2020, and he signed the versatile Phillips to help lead the way.

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