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IDP Dime Drop

SS Chuck Clark 

 H/W: 6-0 – 205lb

Age: 24

Team: Ravens

Defensive Scheme: 3-4

2019 Gridiron Ratings











idp dime drop

Current Contract

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Note: PFR’s advanced metrics are only available from 2018 onward.

The IDP Dime Drop Collective According To…

2019 PFF Grade: 72.0

The IDP Dime Drop

I’m sure that anyone that has seen my articles on Clark or followed me on Twitter is thinking, we get it, you like him! And I’m guilty as charged as this is the 100th time since Tony Jefferson went down for the Ravens last season I’ve plugged him. But this is the official IDP Dime Drop on Clark for 2020 and hopefully beyond. His whole situation and future outlook have changed, as I hinted it would. And this means we need to look at his potential IDP value going forward again.

Last year I suggested IDP owners should pick him up if they needed a plug and play option for the rest of the season. And I based the suggestion on his role and the matchups for the rest of the season. And indeed he did offer weeks of upper-tier type IDP value. In the twelve games, he started, he had seven contests that should be considered good to great IDP production. Games he recorded at least five combined tackles with some miscellaneous playmaking type stats along the way. And notably in weeks that some of the upper-tier safeties did not hold up their consistency due to their poor matchups on paper. In the end, we can slot Clark in the range of an upper DB2, to a low DB1 in 2019, pending the league’s scoring format.

IDP Dime Drop Value

Jefferson is gone, Clark got paid and assuming he is the starting strong safety, I’m confident enough now to call him a solid DB1 option in 2020. Is he worth reaching for among the rest of the top DB1 options? No, not at the moment because we need to see it play out first this coming season. But I wouldn’t suggest anyone shy away from selecting him in the second wave of DBs off the board. And if he is sitting on the tail end of another owner’s roster, he is worth a reasonable draft pick in a trade. If he is on a waiver wire somewhere, which he likely could be, his possible trade value alone certainly means he shouldn’t be.

It’s my opinion he was thrown into the fire taking over, not only the starting strong safety position but over the inside linebackers as the play-caller. And the Ravens loved it enough to do nothing but praise him and released a long time vet while paying Clark. In his second year, like that guy they want, he’ll grow into his role with confidence, and it’ll naturally evolve into what we want as IDP owners. Just approach it the right way and don’t go jumping off the IDP cliff in the process. And let’s not forget, he’ll just be turning 25 years of age this year, just about to hit his prime. Our best bet, they get inside linebackers that can stay on the field and call the plays, leaving Clark freed up to make plays over setting up his teammates.

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The Raw IDP Dime Drop

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