How to use Gridiron Ratings: Opportunity
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How-to Guides:  Opportunity Rating.

The Opportunity Rating is about coaching.  Snap counts and schemes can provide insight into how often a player is used on the field.  Every play-caller in the NFL has been analyzed.  We’ve identified approximately how many plays they call in a season.  Those play calls are drilled down to run/pass splits and positional shares that may exist thereafter.   

This helps to identify the number of pass attempts or the total number of carries a team may have.  Opportunity from year to year matters for any fantasy player as volume is king.  

In the preseason, opportunity rating gives you a sense of how much volume a player could see in the upcoming season.  During the season it can be a leading indicator of future performance. The preseason opportunity rating is pretty self-explanatory I’ll focus what it looks like in-season.  

In-Season Opportunity.

Opportunity is one aspect of the rating model that is transferable.  Guys like Saquon Barkley and Dalvin Cook are locked into a large percentage of their teams’ RB volume.  Should they get hurt or suspended their handcuff will see the bulk of that volume.  

This was evident in 2019 as Wayne Gallman, Alexander Mattison, and Raheem Mostert all saw significant work in relief roles.  

I usually don’t recommend handcuffing however, if your early-round RB has an opportunity rating of 97+ it is worth exploring.  This idea will be fleshed out more in June when we release the handcuff report.       

Be sure to check out the other how-to guides to gain a complete picture of how the various ratings impact Overall Rating and help you win fantasy championships.  If you have deeper questions or comments feel free to reach out to us via social media, email or on chat.

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