How to use Gridiron Ratings: Availability
January 3, 2019 1 Comment Article, How To, Strategy Jeff DiMatteo

How-to Guides – Availability: 

This is the shortest of the how-to guides.  Availability is simple. Are the players you drafted actually on the field?  

In season this number can be a little wonky as bye weeks work against you.  The reason we do this is that players need to be on the field to help you win.  If the player is on a bye week then he’s not in your lineup.  If he’s suspended, he’s not in your lineup. The same can be said for injuries and contract disputes.  Players you draft need to be on the field. If not, you’re likely not playing for championships.   

Our projections take into account a typical number of games played by a given player in a rolling 3-year average.  Injuries are unpredictable so “availability” should be viewed as a guideline and not a judgment on a player’s ability to stay healthy. 

Be sure to check out the other how-to guides to put together a complete picture of everything impacts a players’ Overall and help you win fantasy championships.  If you have deeper questions, comments or concerns feel free to chat, email, or reach out to us via social media.  

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