Welcome to Finding Fantasy IDP Football Tranquility. Where we’ll examine and compare the relevant second-year inside linebackers to each other heading into 2020. And in the process find out exactly where we can find Drue Tranquill among the “names” we need to keep our eyes on. But don’t worry, we will hit on all ten relevant rookies inside linebackers from 2019 for our fantasy football IDP purposes.


From this point on we are going to approach this from a comparative state of mind. And that is simply looking at Tranquill’s 2019 season and compare it to known second-year players heading into the 2020 season. Not only will this pull readers into what I do to evaluate IDP players, but it will help them come to their conclusions. And I will give my final thoughts in the end, hopefully helping to secure some sort of approach to the situation. So, let’s figure this out together and grow as IDP owners in the process.

You ever heard of “Find Waldo?”, well, welcome to finding Tranquillity.

Interestingly enough, I don’t remember any fan fair after the combine last year on Trnaquill, or after the draft for that matter. But I’m not a huge rookie guy, so maybe I missed something. Tranquill was the only linebacker among the “names” from the core rookies that seen any significant playing time, who was fourth or better in all events. Something to note, all his numbers are within reach of the top performers over the last five years (2016-2020) according to top combine performers at NFL.com. And in that same period, his bench press at 31 reps, is the standing five-year leader. While his 20-yard and 60-yard shuttle sit within the top ten in both categories.

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2019 Rookie Inside Linebacker PFF Grades And Pick Selected In 2019 Draft For Real-Life NFL Comparability Purposes.

Bobby Okereke: 77.9 (Selected 89th)

Drue Tranquill: 66.6 (Selected 130th)

Dre Greenlaw: 63.9 (Selected 148th)

Devin Bush: 62.9 (Selected 10th)

Ryan Connelly: 57.1 (Selected 143rd)

Cole Holcomb: 56.0 (Selected 173rd)

Germaine Pratt: 51.2 (Selected 72nd)

Devin White: 50.6 (Selected 5th)

Mack Wilson: 41.6 (Selected 155th)

Quincy Williams: 33.1 (Selected 98th)

2019  Solo To Assisted Tackles Ratio Rounded Up Or Down By .5  Stats Provided By PFR And Sole – Assisted Tackles Are In ( ).

Drue Tranquill: 4.5/1 (61 – 14)

Bobby Okereke: 3/1 (48 – 17)

Cole Holcomb: 2.5/1 (74 – 31)

 Dre Greenlaw: 2.5/1 (64 – 28)

Mack Wilson: 2.5/1 (57 – 25)

Devin Bush: 2/1 (72 – 37)

Devin White: 2/1 (58 – 33)

Germaine Pratt: 2/1 (50 – 26)

Quincy Williams: 2/1 (30 – 18)

Ryan Connelly: 1/1 (10 – 10)

2019 Plays Made (ALL Statistics) Versus Defensive Snap Counts. And All Relevant Stats And Snaps Are Provided By PFR.

Drue Tranquill: Play Made Every 4.7 Snap

Cole Holcomb: Play Made Every 6.0 Snap

Bobby Okereke: Play Made Every 6.2 Snap

Ryan Connelly: Play Made Every 6.6 Snap

Devin Bush: Play Made Every 6.7 Snap

Dre Greenlaw: Play Made Every 7.1 Snap

Devin White: Play Made Every 7.3 Snap

Germaine Pratt: Play Made Every 8.0 Snap

Mack Wilson: Play Made Every 9.6 Snap

Quincy Williams: Play Made Every 10.2 Snap

Our 2019 Gridiron Rating Fantasy Football Solo Tackles Ratings With Missed Tackle Percentage In ( ) According To PFR.

Cole Holcomb: 87 (10.3%)

Devin Bush: 85 (11.4%)

 Dre Greenlaw: 75 (2.1%)

Drue Tranquill: 72 (9.6%)

Devin White: 71 (11.7%)

Mack Wilson: 67 (13.7%)

Germaine Pratt: 59 (8.4%)

Bobby Okereke: 54 (3.0%)

Quincy Williams: 35 (21.3%)

Ryan Connelly: 14 (0.0%)

Pass Coverage Completion Percentage According to PFR. With Targeted Versu Allowed Catches In ( ). The Lower, The Better.

Ryan Connelly: 57.1% (Allowed 4 Of 7)

Devin Bush: 67.6% (Allowed 46 Of 68)

Mack Wilson: 71.0% (Allowed 49 Of 69)

Bobby Okereke: 74.3% (Allowed 26 Of 35)

Devin White: 75.o% (Allowed 42 Of 56)

Germaine Pratt: 78.3% (Allowed 18 Of 23)

Quincy Williams: 78.6% (Allowed 22 Of 28)

Drue Tranquill: 81.1% (Allowed 30 Of 37)

Cole Holcomb: 83.7% (Allowed 36 Of 43)

 Dre Greenlaw: 85.7% (Allowed 36 Of 42)

Average Player Rank In PFF Grades, Solo/Assisted Ratio, Plays Made Vs Snap Counts, Solo Ratings, And Completion Rate. (2019 Snap Counts)

1. Drue Tranquill: 3.2 (380)

2. Bobby Okereke: 3.6 (472)

3. Devin Bush: 3.8 (889)

4. Cole Holcomb: 4.2 (718)

 5. Dre Greenlaw: 5.2 (725)

6. Ryan Connelly: 6 (187)

7. Devin White: 6.4 (826)

8. Mack Wilson: 6.4 (944)

9. Germaine Pratt: 7.2 (436)

10. Quincy Williams: 9 (493)

Leaked 2019 Wonderlic Scores Provided By @BobMcGinn, Of The Athletic, And Via  Orangemane.com Forums. ( Just To Know! )

Bobby Okereke: 37

Ryan Connelly: 33

Drue Tranquill: 28

Devin Bush: 27

Cole Holcomb: 27

Germaine Pratt: 22

Devin White: 18

Mack Wilson: 15

 Dre Greenlaw: NA

Quincy Williams: NA

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Finding Tranquillity In 2020!

10. Quincy Williams: Not a lot to say, he didn’t live up to expectations in 2019 as a rookie. And at the moment, the Jaguars have Myles Jack returning and just signed high-profile linebacker Joe Schobert. Williams looks like a depth player at best going forward.

9. Germaine Pratt: It seems at this time that he’ll enter 2020 as the starting middle linebacker. And currently, there aren’t any notable names at linebacker on the roster that will likely change that. And any real threat at this point would come from the upcoming draft if they draft high. The real question, after the Bengals just signed a great third safety in Vonn Bell, will Pratt be an every-down player or a two-down thumper.

8. Mack Wilson: Wilson is a mixed package, the talent seems to be there, but it needs time to develop. And in any case, he is looking solid heading into 2020. The Browns have cleaned house this offseason at his position and barring any changes (draft) he is penciled in as the WLB starter.

7. Devin White: Shocked, he didn’t show as well as he did in this process of breaking things down. But either way, it played out, it means nothing compared to his status with the Buccanneers. And as a high draft pick and skilled talent, he’ll secure a lot of IDP lineups for the next few years.

6. Ryan Connelly: It’s good news, bad news for Connelly. They signed stud linebacker Blake Martinez, but the only completion Connelly faces currently for the other ILB position is re-signed David Mayo. And note, he only played 187 snaps, that is a very small sample and likely the only reason he topped the pass coverage list above.

Where Almost To Tranquillity!

5. Dre Greenlaw: It looks like the 49ers found a potential gem to play next to Fred Warner for the foreseeable future. And he is a little rough around the edges but should be given the chance to develop. All that needs to happen for his IDP owners to feel warm and fuzzy is they release or trade Kwon Alexander.

4. Cole Holcomb: At the moment, the Redskins have signed veterans Thomas Davis and Kevin Pierre-Louis, and have Jon Bostic. If you ask me, he’ll be fighting for a starting job in what reportedly will be a new defensive scheme. But I like his odds, especially for the long term outlook.

3. Devin Bush: Perfect situation heading into 2020 and should assume a full-time role in his second season. And the potential is there for a top ten ranked linebacker when it is all said and done.

2. Bobby Okereke: There is nothing to like about Okereke as a player, but the playing time he’ll get each contest is in flux. And as long as he can’t beat out Anthoney Walker for the MLB spot completely, he’ll continue to play a part-time role at the SLB. Making it a tough situation for his IDP owners.

We’ve Reached Tranquillity At Last!

Now it would be silly of me to actually rank Drue Tranquill number one here. I do not want to mislead anyone reading this I am ranking him over all those other players. So just keep it in mind, he landed where he did base on those rankings as we broke things down. And the last thing I would ever do is let some data completely speak for what I’m thinking. Stats and info are a tool, not things we base our final thoughts on. So let’s break Tranquill down as an individual now.

By The Numbers

So we took into account that he performed well at the combine. And those metrics are still fresh as it was only this time last year he went to the combine. The easy part is noting all the tackle related info. The solo to assisted tackle Ratio is outstanding, and I can tell you that it is outstanding compared to any player in the league. Not just against his fellow rookies last season. And we know the PFF grades are impressive considering the company around him on the list, as a rookie.

The same goes for his Plays Made Versus Snap Counts. We would be hard-pressed to find any other IDP players making a play every fifth snap that he played. And it says a lot about how he was everywhere on the field and near the ball all the time for the Chargers. His missed tackles percentage was nice as well, considering he only played 380 snaps, with all those opportunities.

The glaring hole was the percentage of catches he allowed. And that percentage is pretty high, and not exactly what one would want in real life when playing linebacker. But according to PFR, his yards allowed per completion versus when targeted was only 1.8 yards.

That tells us he was right there to stop the receiver within a step or so a lot. And with only one pass defended recorded on the season, likely means he was going for the stop, over defending the pass. And let’s face it, recording a solo tackle over a pass defended in fantasy football isn’t all that bad in base tackle formats.

How So?

How can we “guess” this was the case? That he was going for the stop, over the pass defended. Well first, did we mention he was a former safety, and then there are these from PFF below. Which clearly show in college he was capable in coverage, as well as in last year’s preseason games.

Game Film

Because he was on my IDP radar, and I personally wrote this IDP Dime Drop for members early last November, I’ve seen a lot of his game film. So I came across this and instead of breaking it all down, I’ll let them tell you his best attribute on the field when he played.

Final Thoughts

I mentioned I would pull readers into part of the long process to try and get things right. And I’m not sure what readers might be thinking after laying all this out. But here is what I got going on in my head.

The Chargers let Thomas Davis and Jatavis Brown walk, and currently roster Denzel Perryman, Nick Vigil, and Kyzir White with Tranquill. And barring the draft, which the highest stock in linebacker they have taken in recent drafts is Tranquill and White in the fourth rounds, so here’s the personal history.

White has never worked out as a full-time starter, and last year when the Chargers needed it, they turned to Tranquill, not White. And Perryman has never stayed healthy in his five-year career. He has only been able to start 45 out of a possible 80 games in that time. And Nick Vigil was a fulltime SLB with the Bengals and that Linebacker core was poor the entire time he was there. Out of his four seasons with the Bengals, 2019 was his best season. He finally managed to play all sixteen contests, recorded his highest combine tackles, and had his highest snap counts available. But yet the Bengals let him walk for a reason, I wonder if it has something to do with his average 2019 PFF grade of 54.4.

The Bottom Line

If Tranquill stays healthy, I would lay money on it that he is a top two IDP performer for the Chargers by the end of the season. And I’m not going to guess at what position, there isn’t a need to know if it is as the WLB, MLB, or a hybrid SS/LB. All I know is he is currently set up to be the best linebacker on the Chargers to own in IDP leagues for the long-haul. And just think, I didn’t even touch on the quotes and reports from the Chargers organization. The ones they just talk about how much they like this young man.

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Thank you for joining us at Gridiron Ratings.  

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