fantasy football’s wk12 cornerbacks

Fantasy Football’s Wk13 Cornerbacks Deep Coverage Call  

Welcome to Fantasy Football’s week 13 Cornerback Deep Coverage IDP article. Where we’ll run interference and defend those passes to bring you the hottest to coldest matchups of the week. As we all know it’s any given Sunday in fantasy football. And if there is a position in IDP that can make or break on a weekly basis in IDP is the cornerback’s position  So relax, and let us do the work for you as we research and breakdown some of the best to worse players versus matchups each week. After all, it’s all about having the right player in at the right time.


Xavien Howard of the Dolphins has been on fire the last few weeks. And that will continue this week against the Bengals. Whether it’s Ryan Finley or Brandon Allen in as the quarterback, there will be opportunity for passes being defended or stopping the run. Howard has the most interceptions by a cornerback this year (7) and he could very well get more this week. Howard is also very good at defending passes thrown his way, he’s had 7 in the last 3 weeks. While only allowing a 47% completion rate on targets, he’s also had 10 combined tackles in the last two weeks. All of these numbers, a shaky quarterback situation, and plenty of opportunity at stopping the run makes Howard a perfect candidate for another great matchup.

Kansas City

The Chiefs Charvaruis Ward  going against the Broncos this weekend will provide him with an ideal matchup. With Drew Lock returning there will be passes coming his way. Whether Ward is covering Jeudy or stopping the run, he will have plenty of chances to make the tackle. With a 63% completion rate on targets, and 13 yards per completion he will get the ball thrown his way. Last time Ward played the Broncos he had a combined total of 9 tackles, while getting to Drew Lock twice.

San Francisco  

Jason Verrett of the 49’s has a great cornerback/ wide receiver matchup this weekend. Josh Allen and this pass heavy offense will give Verrett plenty of targets. There’s no doubt he will be picked on, Verrett has a 67% completion rate on targets and allows 9 yards per completed pass. This will also give Verett the chance for tackles after the catch. With Allen throwing the ball on average 37 times per game there will be no shortage of targets for Verrett. Verrett has had 11 combined tackles in the last three weeks 5 last week alone. Verrett has the opportunity at a big game with targets and  tackles after the catch. 



fantasy football’s wk13 cornerbacks