Welcome to Fantasy Football’s WK12 Cornerbacks Deep Coverage Call IDP article. Where we’ll run interference and defend those passes to bring you the hottest to coldest matchups of the week. As we all know it’s any given Sunday in fantasy football. And if there is a position in IDP that can make or break on a weekly basis in IDP is the cornerback’s position  So relax, and let us do the work for you as we research and breakdown some of the best to worse players versus matchups each week. After all, it’s all about having the right player in at the right time to stay ahead of the game.

fantasy football’s wk12 cornerbacks

Janoris Jenkins from New Orleans will have a great matchup this weekend against the Broncos. With Drew Lock who on average throws on 37 times a game, there is an opportunity for Jenkins to see a good amount of targets his way. Whether he’s covering Jeudy or Hamler, he’s allowing 13 yards per completed pass making him a perfect target for offensive coordinators. 

Last week against the Falcons Jenkins had 5 combined tackles and 5 defended passes and one interception, the previous 2 weeks he had 5 combined tackles and 2 defended passes. With this  turnover prone Broncos offense, Jenkins will have the opportunity again at making some big plays. This is a stellar matchup this week for Jenkins, with the Broncos coming off a big win there will be confidence there for Lock to throw the ball Jenkins way. The targets, tackles after the catch, and a subpar quarterback is the ultimate combination for Jenkins to shine again this week. 

Ronald Darby of the Washington Football Team has a great matchup Thursday against the Cowboys. This Washington defense is on a roll and Darby is making his contribution to that. Last week against the Bengals he secured 6 combined tackles, had 4 passes defended, and a fumble recovery. The two previous weeks he had a total of 10 combined tackles.

Andy Dalton and this high powered offense will give Darby a reasonable amount of targets. Whether he’s covering Cooper, Lamb or Gallup or slowing Elliot down there will be opportunity for the tackle after the catch. 

With Darby allowing 13 yards per completed pass, coordinators will look to get the ball his way. In week 11 he had 14 targets but only allowed 42% to be completed, and is only allowing 56% completed passes on the year. There’s no doubt Dalton, who throws anywhere from 19 to 54 times a game will get the ball Darbys way often, giving Darby the chance at another great game.

Michael Davis from the Chargers has one of the better  wide receiver cornerback matchup this weekend against the Bills. There’s no question about this offense, they score on average 27 points a game giving Davis ample opportunity. The Bills will be looking to bounce back after their loss to the Cardinals on the last play of the game. Coming off a bye week, this Josh Allen led offense will be ready for a high scoring showdown.  Allen throws the ball on average 36 times a game. Whether Davis is covering Diggs or Beasley this will allow him to get the targets and make the tackle after the catch, in the last 3 weeks he’s recorded 11 combined tackles.

Davis is allowing 11 yards per reception, which opens the door for offensive coordinators to pick on him a bit, although he’s only allowing 63% of his targets to be completed. For the year Davis has had 8 defended passes, 4 coming in the last 3 weeks. There is no doubt with all these factors coming into play that Davis is destined to have another week where he will get the chance to make big plays.

Patrick Peterson of the Cardinals has an ideal matchup this weekend going against the Patriots. Although his year did not start off well, in the past few weeks he has shown some sparks of life. 

This may be a far fetched pick, but he has put up decent numbers in recent weeks and has the opportunity to do so again this week.  

Peterson has been on the field for 98% of the snaps this year which is the most consistent thing about him. He is allowing 13 yards per reception, McDaniels and Belichick know this and will be dialing up the long passes from Newton to either Meyers, Byrd or Harry. 

Since week 7 Peterson has 4 defended passes, And in the past 3 weeks 13 combined tackles, while allowing only 66% of targets completed. Again this is definitely a reach, but very interesting numbers recently.

fantasy football’s wk12 cornerbacks

fantasy football’s wk12 cornerbacks