Welcome to Fantasy Football’s WK11 Cornerbacks In Deep Coverage IDP article. Where we’ll run interference and defend those passes to bring you the hottest to coldest matchups of the week. As we all know it’s any given Sunday in fantasy football. And if there is a position in IDP that can make or break on a weekly basis in IDP is the cornerback’s position  So relax, and let us do the work for you as we research and breakdown some of the best to worse players versus matchups each week. After all, it’s all about having the right player in at the right time to stay ahead of the game.

fantasy football’s wk11 cornerbacks

Miami’s Xavien Howard going against the Broncos, although we don’t know who the Quarterback will be for the Broncos, Howard should see his fair share of production and targets. Leading the league in intercepted passes(5), while also securing 10 defended passes (8th in the league).  Only allowing a 49% completion rate when targeted and a passer rating of only 52%. Howard also has a way of tackling racking up 14 combined in the last 3 games. With Howard allowing 14.5 yards per completed reception, there’s no doubt he will be targeted often. All of this combined will make it easy for Howard to have another high scoring game.

Kendall Fuller of the Washington Football Team let 2 touchdowns get by him last week, but that didn’t stop him from getting 8 combined tackles. Last week was by far not a showcase game for Fuller, with that being said this might be a risky pick, but it could be Fullers get back on track game. With Joe Burrow throwing on average 40 passes a game.

 Fuller will probably be covering Tyler Boyd or possibly Tee Higgens. And that in itself makes this a great match up for Higgens. Higgens is allowing 13 yards per reception, this is known to offensive coordinators making him an easy target. Kendall isn’t a bad player he just had a bad game, in the last 3 weeks he’s had 16 combined tackles, has 4 interceptions and 5 defended passes this year.  Targets, a rookie Fuller will have his chance at plenty of targets this week, going up against the Bengals quarterback and possibly a chip on his shoulder from last week’s performance, all combined makes this week’s match up ideal for Fuller.   

Blessuan Austin from the Jets has a great match up this week against the Chargers, with Herbert throwing an average of 38 times a game, this will give Austin plenty of targets. Whether he’s covering Keenan Allen or Mike Williams, Fuller is allowing almost 11 yards per reception, making him an ideal target for offensive coordinators, this also gives Austin plenty of chances to make the tackle after the catch, which Austin is very good at. Austin has had 23 combined tackles the last three weeks.  With Austin’s tackles, passes defended (3) this year,  yards allowed per reception, and Austin only allowing 66% of passes being completed this will be another great match up for Austin.

fantasy football’s wk11 cornerbacks