Welcome to Fantasy Football’s Cornerbacks Deep Coverage Call: The Champioship Edition. Where we’ll run interference and defend those passes to bring you the hottest to coldest matchups of the week. As we all know it’s any given Sunday in fantasy football. And if there is a position in IDP that can make or break on a weekly basis in IDP is the cornerback’s position  So relax, and let us do the work for you as we research and breakdown some of the best to worse players versus matchups each week. After all, it’s all about having the right player in at the right time.

Fantasy Football’s Cornerbacks


Patrick Peterson of the Cardinals is set up for a good matchup against the 49’s this weekend. Although a little older, he can still perform well when the opponent is right. With an iffy quarterback situation, Peterson has the chance for a good game. So far for the year, Peterson has had 8 defended passes, 2 in the last 2 weeks. He also had 6 combined tackles last week. With a 67% completion rate when targeted, and allowing almost 13 yards per completed pass he’s a prime target. Although this might be a reach, the Cardinals control their own fate when it comes to the playoffs. And teams tend to play better on both sides of the ball when it’s a must-win situation.  


The Colts Xavier Rhodes has the ideal matchup this weekend against the Steelers. We’ve all seen what has happened to the Steelers, and Rhodes can capitalize on it. Rhodes will have many opportunities at defending passes and tackles after the catch. He had 7 combined tackles last week. Rhodes allows 14 yards per completed pass meaning he will get plenty of targets. There are three very good wide receivers on this team, no matter who Rhodes is covering it will be a good game for him. This Colts defense is tough and this Steelers offense is falling apart quickly. 


De’Vante Bausby of the Broncos has only been a full-time player the last 2 weeks. But has had no problem scoring points. In the last 2 games, he’s had 11 combined tackles and a 1 defended pass in each game. With the Broncos cornerback situation, Bausby has been given an opportunity to perform. Bausby was targeted 14 times last week alone. With a 65% completion rate on targets, and allowing almost 12 yards per completed pass. Bausby will get targeted again this week. The Chargers offensive coordinators will be looking to get the ball Bausbys way often. This is a win-win situation for Bausby and the perfect offense for another big game.

Fantasy Football’s Cornerbacks