Fantasy Football WK10 Cornerback IDP Oddsmaker Rankings

by | Nov 11, 2020

Welcome to the Original Fantasy Football WK10 Cornerback IDP Oddsmaker Rankings Tactical Tool, presented by The Oddsmakers are a proven and innovative way of taking the hassle out of weekly waiver wire pickups and setting starting lineups. It’s also a great way to let G.R. tackle the defensive side of the ball while freeing time to concentrate on enjoying the game.

Individual Defensive Players

Fantasy Football WK10 Cornerback Oddsmaker

Using the Cornerback Oddsmaker Tactical Tool

What was originally intended as a secondary tool for our Easy IDP Start/Sits Charts the Oddsmakers IDP Tactical Tool has proven to be a simplistic option for IDP owners. And the concept is basic rankings format on the odds each week a team’s designated unit can succeed in IDP production. So whether you’re visiting the Oddsmakers to decide between two players from the Start/Sits charts or looking for a general ranking, we’ve got fantasy football owners covered at Gridiron Ratings.

A special note on the Cornerbacks IDP Oddsmaker it’s our main cornerback tactical tool that’s available on Gridiron Ratings. And as many IDP owners know, the designated cornerback position can be at odds each week in terms of consistency comparably to other positions. So this tool is particularly relevant as a “unit versus matchup” for IDP owners.

The ranking and power score reflects the team’s position as a designated unit and the odds for their IDP success. And it’s based on the weekly matchup by applying a three-step formula that includes the opposing team’s statistics and trending data history.

This Means…

Depending on what team your player’s on will reflect the strength of the odds he’ll produce IDP points. And is indicated by the rank and power score based on his matchup pending his talent level.

Fantasy Football WK10 Cornerback

The Original Start/Sit Charts And Oddsmaker Working In Tandem Tutorial


Week 10 / CB

Great News!

Recently we have added a great addition to our IDP department. And we’re excited to announce that Roxanne Ruscetta will now write a weekly cornerback column to split those IDP hairs for the win. So please, check it out when it is published within the next couple of days and let Roxanne do all that hard work for you when it comes to getting the right CBs in and the right CBs out. On Twitter? Go check here page our and give her a follow HERE. And if you have any questions please feel free to hit her up and we’ll get you taken care of.

Oddsmaker: Cornerbacks

WK9 Bye Week Teams: Atlanta Falcons, Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Chiefs, and the Los Angeles Chargers.

1 Raiders 92
2 Giants 91
3 Vikings 90
4 Steelers 88
5 Ravens 85
6 Cardinals 83
7 Bears 82
8 Browns 81
9 Seahawks 79
10 Eagles 78
11 Lions 76
12 Washington 75
13 Rams 73
14 Saints 71
15 Bengals 69
16 Panthers 68
17 Packers 67
18 Buccaneers 65
19 Colts 65
20 Bills 63
21 Broncos 62
22 Chargers 60
23 49ers 59
24 Texans 58
25 Dolphins 56
26 Titans 54
27 Patriots 54
28 Jaguars 49

Thank you for joining us for the 2020 Oddsmaker at Gridiron Ratings.  

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