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by | Oct 23, 2019

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Oddsmaker Tactical IDP Tool

The Oddsmaker Tactical IDP Tools are yet another innovated way of taking the “over-thinking” out of IDP. This tool was developed and tested for use in splitting those IDP starting line up hairs. These tools are not just a simple measure of opinions. They are a lengthy formulated process using various resources. A description of each tool will follow.

Oddsmaker: Cornerbacks

The Cornerbacks tactical IDP tool is formulated process to help decide between IDP players. This particular Oddsmaker includes various levels of information, rankings, and statistics. All processed and formulated with values based off those relevant to matter. Therefore leading to the conclusions we can use for our best possible line ups on a weekly basis. We’ll apologies at this point not being more specific. But in this day and age a “trade” secret in this industry is a very valuable commodity.

Oddsmaker: Additional Notes

The Oddsmakers are site paid content. But because of the following they are accessible to the general public the first three weeks of the season.

  1. As we all know “splitting the hairs” in the first few weeks before the bye-weeks in the NFL are pointless. As NFL teams adjust and “any given” situation unfolds there is mainly one thing to remember, Don’t sit “known” studs.
  2. The stats and any information used for the first few weeks are as follows. Week One, purely based on the prior seasons statistics and such. As mentioned before their is no opinions included. Week Two, the 2018 statistics and adjust with Week Ones results. Week Three, the same, 2018, Week One and Two. It is at this point thru trial and error over the years that Week Four becomes the key week to start using only the current information. It’s at this point setting and adjusting warrants enough current data.
  3. The mark of the bye-weeks beginning is generally when tools as these Oddsmakers and the rest of the tactical tools are needed to separate owners from the crowd. It is from this point with current viable information and timing the IDP tools are the edge over our opponents.

The Oddsmaker Cornerbacks Tactical IDP Tool is a viable tool on it’s own.

From our point of view cornerbacks are match up dependent and in most case “dime a dozen” for streaming. So we do not include them in the main Easy Start/Sit charts that we offer. But all is not lost in assisting fantasy football owners in splitting the hairs. Because the cornerbacks Oddsmaker is just that in the sense it has match ups included in the formula it is based on.

It is simple, use the chart based on the highest ranked and power score based on the odds that you Cornerback will have his best odds of performing. Just always remember that a “shut down” corner is excluded from these odds. Because if he is that good, all bets are off that opposing teams will challenge him in any given contest.

The Oddsmaker Cornerbacks example…

You need to pick between “player A” or “payer B”. Either off your roster or streaming off the waiver wire. The higher ranked team with the best power score is the team you want to target from. Just be sure that the Cornerback is a full time player for his defensive squad. Basically the more snaps he is on the field for the greater the odds he’ll live up to his potential that match up.

This Oddsmaker Tactical IDP Tool boils down to a simple tool. What ever your IDP player’s team is ranked via power odds score, that’s the chance he has to perform up to his talent level that match up.

Suggested Pick Up And Streaming Cornerback Of The Week…

  1. Malcolm Butler Ten. CB
  2. Kendall Sheffield Atl. CB
  3. Daryl Worley Oak. CB

Week Eight – Cornerbacks

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