Welcome to the Fantasy Football IDP Burris Radar Hit article presented by Gridiron Ratings. Where we’ll hit on a veteran NFL defensive player who is set up for a possible breakout in 2020. He is a player that his situational can’t be ignored or his potential for IDP owners looking for a fantasy football sleeper. And although noting is a lock with fantasy football life, this player certainly demands our attention at the time of this article.


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Burris Just Happened!

So some times, some things just happen, and there aren’t any real in-depth reasons as to why it did. But we are crazy not to take advantage of the situation when things fall in line. And that is exactly the case here with this IDP hot take. So what is a “hot take” in fantasy football? Well, it is when, for whatever reason, someone says something about a player or situation with no real means to back it up. Or, at least they are not stating why one said it at the time. And I’ll be darned, this happened to me (well maybe) and I rarely make hot takes.

So here is how back around the rookie draft it unfolded for me. I was doing my normal researching and came across the rookie hype for Jeremy Chinn. And by the way, it does look like the hype was warranted. But back when it first started I had remembered that I had seen a bit of love coming out of Carolina about Juston Burris. A veteran player that’s been around and flashed at times in his NFL career. So what did I do? Well, as you can see in the resources, I made a IDP hot take.

So imagine my surprise when doing week one’s safety IDP start/sit chart I find that Burris is listed as the starting strong safety on the Panther’s First And Unofficial Depth Chart. And it’s no lie when I say I’ve had a busy year. And I hadn’t even given Burris another thought since that hot take. Now, is it a lock that Burris remains the starting strong safety by the start of the first game? Nope, but sure had me heading back to look things over.

Why The Fantasy Football IDP Burris Radar Hit?


We already mentioned the Panther love and showed some limited resources. So what else do we have? Let’s talk about his contract, something that is an indicator sometimes in these situations.

The Panthers signed Burris to a two year, $8,000,000 contract, including a $2,100,000 signing bonus. That, my friends, isn’t the norm for a veteran safety that’s 27 years old and never held a role on a team worth mentioning in his career. Or for a veteran that has never made more than $750,000 in any given season, nor only seen one signing bonus. And $550,000 was clear back in his rookie year as a fourth-round pick. That is just a little bit out of the blue showing some love like that, that’s for sure.

Not to mention that makes Burris the seventh highest-paid defensive player on the Panthers roster. That’s not bad for a player that in four years only started eleven games and has a total of 71 career combined tackles. What is the Panther’s organization working off of here?

The Depth Chart

With a new coaching staff came new personnel, and frankly, it is lackluster in terms of overall depth. Or the players are very young and haven’t proven anything yet and need to develop. And the safety position isn’t any different with Tre Boston as the one headliner at free safety, and the three 2020 rookies. Granted, Chinn is a second-rounder, but the other two are undrafted free agents. So, next to Boston, Burris is the only safety on the roster that has even seen any NFL action.

And I know what some might be thinking, what about Chinn? And I get it, and he’ll have a role as I mentioned. But to this writer, the indications are he’ll be more of a hybrid Nickle Linebacker over being used as a “true safety” in the defensive scheme.

Chinn is built like a hybrid linebacker at 6’3″ and is 220 lbs. And from what this writer sees coming out of camp, he is being used all over the field. And not just as a defensive back at the safety position. Not to mention that the rumor is that he’ll be playing in packages that will send middle linebacker Tahir Whitehead to the bench. And that makes sense because Whitehead has never been any good in coverage anyhow. And one could say he is a retread that’s got no tread left at this point in his career. It’s just another example of the lack of depth on this Panthers roster.

Anyhow, it looks like the idea is that Chinn will be doing a lot on the field. And a designated strong safety will still need to be on the field as Chinn does his thing, which leaves Burris’s window open.

The Bottom Line

Here is the real bottom line to the situation as to why IDP owners will want to pay attention to this Fantasy Football IDP Burris Radar Hit. If the Panthers are going to use Burris as the starting strong safety and everything keeps lining up as they are. It doesn’t matter what we think of Burris or Burris versus Chinn, for that matter. Because what this falls under is what we call a productive IDP player by default at this point. We don’t have to have a bunch of bells and whistles in some cases, and this is one of them. And although, according to the resources above, Burris grade above average by PFF, it doesn’t matter.

When or if they trot him out as the every-down strong safety, there is going to be a lot of IDP production meat on the bone in opportunities for Burris. I could recite the fact that Eric Reid made a DB1 living for IDP owners as the Panther’s former strong safety. But that wouldn’t matter either considering the team isn’t running the same defense anymore. Nor does it have the same players across the board. All we have is a player who got paid very well and in a position to try and showcase his talents. And it’s on a team in a transaction year that may struggle for a while. So if the Panthers are all in on Burris, I suggest anyone needing a potential DB1 should be too. Just be smart about it, and keep in mind, it has to keep playing out like it did when I made the hot take.


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