Derrick Henry – 2023 Workload
Derrick Henry Fantasy Football

Derrick Henry – 2023 Workload

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Projected 2023 Workload

Derrick Henry commands the vast majority of the Titans carries. Barring health or productivity issues that should continue in 2023.  While we can count on him to pile up carries he’s not much help in the passing game. He accounts for a scant 3% of the Titans passing targets.


Percentage of Carries


Percentage of Targets

Fantasy Point Mix

Career Arc

Despite minimal work early in his career Derrick Henry has been overworked the last few seasons. While this has been great for fantasy it has been bad for his longevity. Resulting in a couple injuries the past few seasons.

Career Workload Score

Derrick Henry is in the danger zone. If you can get anything of any value now is the time to move him.  He crossed over 2 critical barriers in 2022. Both point to a heightened risk of injury or ineffectiveness in 2023.  The first put him in the career danger zone (1600 career workload score). The second is more rare as he hit 725 workload score in a consecutive 33 game stretch. We explain workload here.

Injury History

(Year  –  Injury – Games Missed)
2016 – Calf – 1
2019 – Hamstring – 1
2021 – Foot Fracture – 9


Tyjae Spears – RB66

Hassan Haskins – RB85

Julius Chestnut – RB(NR)

How to Deploy

While it is impossible to to discern when any given players’ career will end, for fantasy it’s better to disinvest a year early as opposed to a year late.  In a perfect world, fantasy managers will have moved on from Henry in 2022, but there’s a still a window to sell until the season starts. 

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