Dalvin Cook – 2023 Workload

Dalvin Cook – 2023 Workload

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Projected 2023 Workload

Dalvin Cook is the poster child for “if he’s on the field, he’s great.” Or at least he has been for the majority of his career.  The Vikings analytics team likely see the same thing most of the fantasy community also sees.  While Dalvin is a brand name during the second half of 2022 he seemed to have lost the ability to create his own yards and was relegated to being a volume back who could no longer provide the big play.  Now in New York he should be considered the second fiddle to Breece Hall.  


Percentage of Carries


Percentage of Targets

Fantasy Point Mix


Career Arc

Most of his career has been hampered by injury.  Dalvin's most productive seasons really stand out against his career averages.  This is likely why there was little interest in any team offering a premium contract in 2023.[/et_pb_text]

Career Workload Score

While he should have at least one year left of productivity - it's safe to assume his injuries have started to take their toll.  He should be rostered as a handcuff to Breece Hall. We explain workload here.[/et_pb_blurb]

Injury History

(Year  -  Injury - Games Missed)
2018 - Hamstring - 5
2019 - Shoulder - 2
2020 - Groin - 1
2021 - Ankle - 2
2021 - Shoulder - 2


Dalvin is the handcuff but he should have a role when Hall is off the field

How to Deploy

Dalvin has limited value at this point but I'd be on board with picking up if I also have Breece Hall or conversely trying to trade him to the Hall manager. He should be seen as an RB4 on his own but his value is enhanced should anything slow down Breece Hall this season.

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