Catching Z’s Tips to NFL DFS

Bankroll management:

Bankroll management is a big part of daily fantasy sports. Three important tips. I try not to play more than 20% of what you have in your account. If you are new, start slow and be patient. Lastly, do not put up money you cannot afford to lose. I deposited about $500 last year and played about $100 a week of tournaments till I hit the big one. After I played $1,000 worth of lineups a week, some weeks I would profit $3,000, and others lost $600. The bankroll will fluctuate a lot as a tournament player and much slower for cash players.

Determine whether you are a cash or tournament player:

Style should match how you feel about the stock market. I chase after the tournaments with the most return; this comes with the most risk. Others prefer the battle of cash games/double-ups; this is a more stable way of generating profits. I compare DFS to the stock market. If you are putting it all together, you can generate returns. Some people focus on cash, some who only do tournaments, and others who focus on both. If you have questions on who to follow, DM me.

What tournaments to play:

Some tournaments let you make 20 lineups, some let you make 3, and some let you do 150. Think of it like the lottery; if you have the most tickets, you can have the best chance. I recommend single entries because it avoids the big banks building 150 lineups. The 20 entry max for $3 a lineup is another killer tournament offered on DraftKings that I love. Do you have to max a contest out? No, I developed my bankroll by hitting with limited lineups. After learning the game, I would go back and play a lot more single entries. The $20 contest for a million to first is a ton of fun, but it’s got low odds for you to beat out that many people.

How to approach tournaments:

For starters checking out ownership percentages is my first bit of research. Example: Derrick Henry, priced at $8,500, is seeing 40% projected lineups. Dalvin Cook, priced at $8,300, is seeing 10% projected lineups. I want to see how many reasons I can come up with for Cook over Henry. If I believe Cook over Henry is the right play, then I can generate leverage. Leverage is by playing someone that people don’t have. You also do not have to play 20 low-owned guys, and I recommend targeting 2 into your lineups that fit. Last bit of advice, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SPEND ALL YOUR SALARY. If you have a lineup and see $500 remaining, go check out who you can get, but don’t change the whole lineup because of that. If you have a salary remaining, it is more likely that your lineup is unique and can win first by yourself.

Main slate, Single-game, 1 pm-only, 4 pm-only:

There are many slates out there that provide some beautiful contests. Each has a different approach to it. The main slate, for those unfamiliar, includes every game from 1:00 pm est to 4:30 pm est. It provides the biggest contests, and overall the most people in these contests. For the small 1 pm-only and 4 pm-only slates, heavily understanding ownership is essential. If Derrick Henry is in a smash spot at 50% ownership, it can be very costly to fade him. On the flip side, if you find a Tyler Lockett low ownership and play him, you can make a killing. The single-game slate has the most swings for 1st place and second. One play changes the entire slate. For DraftKings, you are allowed a 1.5 multiplier for the CPT spot, and they have a 1.5x price tag increase. Last year I was making a 16x return on the NE LAR game until Cooper Kupp caught the TD instead of Akers running it in. Another big swing was Bryd dropping a touchdown.


Strategy is something that will be changing year in and year out. Last year was king of playing Kelce/Waller or punting TE. The year prior was playing Lamar Jackson, Christian McCaffrey, and Michael Thomas as much as possible. Stacking players will always be a key, but the right stacks will change every week. Check back into my articles come season time for what my thought process is for that specific slate.

Any questions, comments, concerns just shoot me a DM on Twitter @JordanVanekDFS

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